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Comment 31 Dec 2016

Chump ass moderators removing legit topics. Wouldn't expect anything less. Don't want another thread that would be discussed over their lane ass '3q open thread'!  Weak, very very weak just like our play calling this game 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Disappointing loss of course but not in the same stratosphere as Michigan State last year. I did expect a W but let's keep it in perspective, this team has SIX returning starters from last year. How many really thought they would go thru the B1G schedule undefeated when the year started? Yes we got a little excited with road wins at Oklahoma and Wisconsin but the Buckeyes did lose one game in 2014, remember?  The defense could've played better, unless you have a shutout you can always play better but if OSU defense gives up 17 points every game they're going to win 80-90% of their games.  I know Penn State had 24 points but the block FG turned TD can't be blamed on the defense.  Other than the 74 yd TD run how many 'chunk' plays did the offense have? Take away JT scrambles and this offense was pretty anemic. Obviously the rainy weather gives this team problems. The MSU loss last year and now this clunker.  I hope like hell there is no rain the last Saturday in November. If they can win out they can still make the CFP but I'm not ready to say this team can hang with Bama. No Zeke, no Devin Smith, no Thomas, no DLee, Bell, Apple, Boza, Washington, etc etc etc.   Making the CFP would be great experience going forward though. Can honestly say you expected us to be a CFP threat this year?

On the topic of WR play.....if Mack and Benjamin can't get a few plays with this WR corp I'm a little worried going forward. Maybe they aren't blocking to Urban's satisfaction but damn maybe they can get open! 

Comment 11 Sep 2016

If Oklahoma would've taken care of business in Houston I'd think Game Day would've been in Norman but since the Sooners got run by the Coogs they've going to Louisville.  That's OK as long as OSU and Michigan take care of business you know where they will be the last game of the year

Comment 28 Aug 2016

Awesome article on the history of 11W.  I don't spend that much time on the internet but 11W is a must EVERY time on online.  Follow you on twitter too so I just check twitter and most of your articles are posted there. You guys are the best following Buckeye recruiting, how the recruits have played and if they are injured, who got offered recently, an absolute MUST for any real Buckeye fan. 

I hate to hear the 11Dubcast had to be downsized last year. I work alot of weekends but if I don't work the weekend of this years Dubcast I'll be in the house.  And one last thing that 85 YTTHOTS ishirt is epic. Nothing says 11W like 85 YTTHOTS!! Love the website and keep doing what you're already doing!!

Comment 31 Jul 2016

I think Jalin is very motivated to prove his draft critics wrong.  For the first time probably in his whole life he is being told  'you don't belong, we're not taking a 7th round pick on you'.  IMO he played out of position last year trying to replace Devin Smith. I don't think Urban planned on using him in the role last year but Urban thought he was the best option to fill that role due to injuries. His natural role is the slot, I'm still somewhat surprised so many people doubted Jalin last year after what he did in the CFP in 2014. If you go back and watch those two games when it was 3rd and long Cardale looked over the middle and there was Jalin quite a few times against both Bama and Oregon.  As far as a punt returner he only took one kick to the house but many times he was just one broken tackle from taking it back for six.  He just turned 21 in July, his has a nice upside.  If the Jets cut him someone else is gonna snag him on waivers.  Corey Brown is still in the league at Carolina and IMO Jalin is at least as talented at Philly Brown. I wish he had stayed but if a kid like him suffers a major knee injury his career is over at the NFL level.  I can't blame a kid for leaving early but it still sucks he won't be wearing #7 next year.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

I'm  55 yr old and remember well the super sophomores of '68.  For a long time the worst loss was '96, still see Tai Streets running up the field.  That being said 2015 Michigan State takes the cake.  Like Secretariat winning the Belmont. Defending national champions, college game day on campus, Conner Cook doesn't even PLAY, senior day, and the offensive game plan was deplorable.  I think Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could've had better game plan. 5 1st rounders, 2 of the top 4 picks, total of ten taken in first three rounds   Can't find a way to get Braxton the ball.   It's gonna take years to gain my confidence back in this offense unless changes are made.  Osu may not have that much talent on one roster the rest of my life

Comment 01 May 2016

I remember the 1998 loss, and a couple more from the Cooper era but 1998 was the worst.  However IMO this years loss to Michigan State was the worst/most devastating in my 55 years of being a Buckeye fan. So you aren't considering Conner Cook didn't even play? Senior day for Braxton and all the other juniors who KNEW they were leaving after this year, watch the pregame national anthem Zeke was crying BEFORE kickoff because he knew it was his last game in the Shoe.  135 total yards of offense......Zeke gets TWO CARRIES the whole second half......they throw ONE PASS beyond ten yards the whole day and imagine Barrett threw it 10 feet over Braxtons heads.  Just a total offensive meltdown in all aspects. Blame who you want Beck, Warriner, or Meyer but they all get some of the blame. You don't come to Ohio State to beat Maryland, Rugers, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, etc you come to beat the MSU's, PSUs, and Wisconsins.  Anybody could've beat the B1G cupcakes with an NFL roster but the staff pissed away that game.  And even IF they had won that game the 2015 team wouldn't have beaten Alabama anyway.  With Tom Herman they would've went back to back but that's water under the bridge.  Herman gets as much credit as Meyer to me.  Meyer recruited the talent but Herman took them to another level we may never see again.  

Comment 01 Jan 2016

I like JT as a QB but more as a runner than a passer.  Are you serious when you say he's top 5 in college football next year?  Sorry but I'd definitely take Baker Mayfield, Malik Zaire and/or Kiser at ND, Watson at Clemson, and Josh Rosen from UCLA over JT and that's just off the top of my head. He had a leg injury last year not an arm injury. His arm strength may increase some but he didn't exactly throw ropes all over the field this year. I think 2016 will be a tough year but I hope I'm wrong.  September at Oklahoma will be a tough game.  If they lose that and 2 conference games that's 9-3.  Not bad but we've been spoiled in the Urban era so far. If they same guy calls plays in 2016 that called them in 2015 9-3 may be as good as it's gonna get.  Look at the potential losses to the NFL.

Comment 27 Dec 2015

I lie in Middletown and followed Jalin since his days as a middie.  I am surprised as anyone when I heard he may turn pro. After thinking about it I agree with others, why stay just to block and get 3-4 touches a game? The staff refuses to throw down the field now, how does he help his stock? It's gonna be JT left, right, zone read, the a 4-6 yard pass.  Jalin makes team as a special teamed if nothing else and then gets some time in the slot.  IMO he's every bit as talented as Philly Brown in Carolina and better returner. The play calling is the biggest factor in his decision IMO.   Look how they used Braxton, talk about being mis used.  I hate to see Jalin go but there's a reason all the WRs are leaving and the only big time recruit at WR is Mack. 

Comment 27 Dec 2015

I'm in total agreement with you lurker  I'm still hungover from Mich St game. I'm 54 years old and that was the worst defeat in my life, and no offensive game plan is even close to being worse. You are a coach at OSU to be prepared for those kind of games. Anyone can game plan for Rutgers, Maryland, WesternMich, etc but there are 1-2 games every year you need to prove why you are on the staff.  The offensive play calling failed miserabmy.  Not just getting Zeke more touches but refusing to take shots down the field. Someone should already have been joining another coaching staff my now.  I am afraid this team lays an egg in the desert

Comment 19 Dec 2015

I would insert myself into this years Michigan State game, up in the coaches booth where that piss poor play calling came from. I know it was windy and not the best conditions but I would've taken at least 2-3 deep shots just to make the MSU defense think there was a snowballs chance in hell we would ATTEMPT a deep pass.

Initially when I heard Jalin Marshall was considering turning pro I was like WTF is he thinking?  Now that I've thought about it, if the offense coordinator is gonna call the same games next year he might as well go now.  Why did Miller even go to WR? What did he have like 10-12 catches all year? I understand Zeke was the number 1 option but at least when Cardale was in the game they ATTEMPTED to throw the ball downfield. Urban will never say who called the plays this year but if someone else on the staff takes a 'lateral' position elsewhere we will know who it was.  It's terrible that OSU is playing ND and I've never been less interested in a BCS game in my life. I wouldn't dare bet that game.  I think ND is going to be more motivated to beat OSU than OSU to beat ND. Just my opinion because if the Buckeyes come to play we win by 2 touchdowns or more. But if it's gonna be JT left, JT right, JT zone read, JT up the middle I think an upset is possible. Let's not start throwing the ball downfield now. Let's not get Braxton the ball down field, or Marshall on a deep ball. Let's just run JT, JT, JT, and more JT.  The other defenses won't pick up that we will never throw down the field and put 8 or 9 in the box. They won't notice our WRs don't even run a deep route, just outs and slants about 10-12 yd down the field.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I hate to say it also but I'm pretty much with you on this.  It's been 2 weeks and I still SMFH asking what in the hell kind of game plan was that against Sparty!  I'm in my mid 50s and that loss is easily top 5 most disappointing games of my life, maybe top 3.  In no order OSU Rose Bowl loss in 1980 with Art Schlichter for the NC, 1998 against MSU and AT HOME also, 1996 at HOME against UM (still see Tai Streets running untouched for TD in my nightmares), and this years debacle at HOME.  Now that I think of them this year ranks #1.  BY FAR the most winnable game of the five consider Cook didn't even play. Defense plays lights out overall until our offenive wore them down grinding out all those plays in getting 132 effing totals yards. If someone told you before the start of the year if the defense never gives up more than 17 do you think you will win every game? Damn right they should've won that game. Somebody has to lose their job over that game. I understand Zeke was in the hospital and we wouldn't have went on the awesome run last year without him but us without Zeke and Sparty without Cook should've been a wash. OSU WAS AT HOME, GAMEDAY IN THE HOUSE, CROWD WAS JACKED.  No excuses for me, another 59-0 bowl game win is not going to cover up that POS play calling two weeks ago for me.  The only pleasure I would get from a losers bracket game (which is what every non playoff game is IMO) would be a 4-5 TD beatdown of Ole Miss or Florida but that would have to include Bosa getting a blind side shot on Swag Kelly like the one he had on Rudock. Jake Coker what a freakin' joke.  Bama's offense is so one dimensional Henry has had back to back 40 carry games. Henry would get his yards against us but we'd hang points on them too.  OSU was the only team with a chance to beat Saban. I'll watch the playoff games just to hope a miracle happens and someone beats Bama. 

Comment 05 Dec 2015

It is so hard to come up with just a 1st team, leaving out some great players. OSU all time 2nd team is better than 95% of every other school  I'm going to show my age a little with my picks but I'm only going with players I actually watched play with one exception at WR.

QB    Schlichter

RB  Griffin and George

WR  Carter, Galloway, and Warfield  (Warfield was on Miamis undefeated team and in HOF. played more RB at OSU but WR in NFL

TE  Dudley

OT  Pace and Ward

G  Stringer and Hicks

C  Manfold

P  Tupa

PK Nugent

KR  Ginn

DE  Vrabel and Bosa

DT Stillwagon and Wilkinson

LB  Gradishar, Speielman, Hawk  (leaving out some great LBs)

CB  Springs and Winfield

S  Tatum and Bell (Fox and Whitner very close)

Comment 03 Dec 2015

I'm with you Buckeye52. I don't care about a we shoulda been in the playoffs argument. If you aren't in it doesn't really matter. I want the SEC to get spanked in the bowls. 

Comment 03 Dec 2015

How could I forget about Bert!!  Absolutely love to play them   Hell they may be playing best in the SEC right now outside Bama

Comment 03 Dec 2015

Only because I'm sick and tired of hearing how OSU couldn't compete in the SEC, in particular the SEC West. nothing would please me more than hanging a 40 or 50 burger on any of them

Comment 28 Nov 2015

They had taken care of business last week against Sparty, without their starting QB.  I'd like to see us make the playoffs but i don't see it happening. Cfp committee has been looking for a reason to keep us out and we gave them that reason last week. Let's just go pimp slap Florida 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

In no way, shape, or form am I insinuating I know more football the Urban or anyone else on the staff or team. However I have an idea why Mich State may have 'had too many people in the box to run'.  YOU THREW ONE PASS BEYOND 15 YARDS THE WHOLE GAME!!  Last week at Illinois you threw ONE PASS BEYOND 15 YARDS, the TD to Thomas. Since JT has gotten the job back it's like the first option of every play is JT to run the ball. That might work again mediocre defenses but it ain't gonna fly against a quality defense. Now Cardale did have his issues but they did respect the fact he was gonna take some shots down the field. But now with JT and any time Braxton was in the wildcat you can stack 8-9 in the box because it's gonna be a running play. Obviously Thomas and Marshall are not Devin Smith but Marshall isn't like a big 240 lb TE he can run. If he gets you to bite on a move he can take you deep, he did it a few times with Cardale at QB.  Braxton was actually wide open yesterday on the only pass beyond 15 yards yesterday and JT missed him by 5 yards and they never called another passing play beyond 10 yards. [Mod edit: no politics is pretty self explanatory.  Please review the commenting policy.]

For a game that meant so much and in addition having so many recruits in the stadium how could call such a vanilla, predictable game? Yes that was a real high octane spread the field and get the ball to your offensive weapons in space display wasn't it? Honestly don't you think that performance may cost the Buckeyes some potential recruits? I hope I am wrong but I am still shaking my head asking what the hell was that game plan??  Next week will show what this team is made of. Will the seniors and jrs who can go pro tank it and get blown out or will they show up to play our biggest rival?  I sure hope they don't go LSU and play like LSU did against Arkansas the next week.