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Comment 21 Nov 2016

Webb/Arnette ending up on Jake Butt in coverage. It appears teams have learned not to throw on Conley/Ward/Lattimore, not to mention Hooker looming over the top. But Webb & Arnette have been the players teams have chosen to attack, and Butt is definitely good enough to cause a problem. Would say he is the biggest offensive threat we need to neutralize. 

Comment 15 Jan 2016

I would think it is a leverage play, but who knows. I was born and raised in San Antonio and still live here, and I know this place would go crazy for a pro football team. 

Now for a semi-pro football team like the Raiders....not so sure. 

Comment 11 Dec 2015

Knda crazy to think one of the mentioned options earlier this week was Buckeye legend Antoine Winfield, who has no coaching experience. Urban instead goes out and gets a guy with head coaching experience at the college and pro level. Apparently he can recruit coaches too, love the hire!

Comment 20 Nov 2015

I actually agree with Vannett as an x-factor, but as a blocker. If Farris has issues solo with Calhoun we may see a lot of tight end help just to slow him down and give JT more time or just give Zeke enough time to get by him. 

Comment 16 Oct 2015

I just got through on It was waiting to add it to my cart for about 10 minutes. 

Comment 12 Oct 2015

It's really easy to get riled up about these early season playoff predictions and what not. For fun though, look back at last years playoff predictions on October 5, 2014.

Final four were FSU, Auburn, Miss St, & Oklahoma (only one of which ended up making it). We were lined up for a trip to the Citrus Bowl. A lot can change between now and the end of the season. Just keep winnin'. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

He wears an under armour hoodie on the sidelines while losing a lot? 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Surprised no one has mentioned the real reason Edsall is getting fired. He wears a hoodie on the sidelines. 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Missed out on these, they were sold out really quick. Gotta get me a pair of these black ones though. I'll be ready to add to cart as soon as they're released.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

The fact this is something being discussed by the coaches means they know the offense has underpeformed in the red zone under CJ. I agree with many on here that play calling has been awful in these situations, but there were some touch throws that were missed. The scores to several of these games would look a lot more favorable if we weren't settling for 3 so often. 

Regardless, not sure it will do Cardale's rhythm any favors if he gets yanked out every time they are in the red zone. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

There was a goal to go situation last week where they passed on all three downs where it felt like they should have gone smashmouth as the field got shorter and limited the effectiveness of Cardale's rocket. Take this with the usual disclaimer of I'm no football genius but it was a strange series of play calls that ended in a field goal. 

So on top of the deep balls that were left short, they left some points on the board with red zone execution/play calling as well. I suppose these can be looked at as fixable errors and Urban would say. 

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Yes, yes, and yes. The arm strength down the field becomes less important if no one can get open downfield. Need to be able to get the 8-20 yard gains if those plays 40+ yards down the field aren't going to be there. 

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Another thing I've noticed with Braxton out of the wildcat is that he doesn't seem to hand it off out of the formation much either. So while the obvious variation in the play is for him to pass, I think it would also help if he occasionally gave it up to the running back to keep defenses honest, rather than simply plowing forward. 

Comment 18 Sep 2015

ESPN and UF really struggling to let this Urban-Gators thing go. Someone give them a hug.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

That's a shame, it's gonna be a good one! I live nearby in San Antonio so it's only a 3 hour drive for me. Since I work in the oilfield I actually spend a lot of time in Houston(more than I would like). I am thinking about heading to Tempe for the Oregon game or the UofA game though, haven't been back since I graduated in 2012