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Comment 25 Nov 2019

Yep. That's what a TTUN fan told me, as well. If we run the ball right at them, we can succeed. Dobbins is about to go off on Saturday.

Comment 28 Sep 2019
After 160 games, the answer is yes... for this year. But they did work in quite a few youngsters and completely revamped their rotation on the fly. I think they just bought themselves another 2-3 years of contention. I bet they retake the Central next year from the Twins.
Comment 22 Aug 2019

Worst case scenario, they go 12-11 on a brutal 23-game stretch against over .500 teams. That is solid and there are 4 1-run losses scattered in there over the past 10 games. Really bad luck right now but to be expected since they have essentially played .700 ball for the past 2+ months going into that Boston series.

If they don't go, say, 5-1 or 6-0 against KC and Detroit, then I'll be a bit worried. The schedule gets easy enough that they can start winning games again very soon (hopefully today to salvage a game vs the Mets).

Comment 01 Dec 2018
This sucks! That defense will get destroyed by bama while we would keep it close if not win outright.
Comment 01 Dec 2018
That paper mache defense won't hold. I like what Texas is doing! They're also making OU work for their points.
Comment 18 Nov 2018
There are a few things that factor in here. 1. UM is very good as an underdog. 6-0 in B1G games. 2. TTUN's defense can be beaten based on what I saw yesterday. 3. TTUN plays much worse on the road. 4. I firmly believe we've fixed our issues on offense. We can run the ball consistently. Our pass protection is improved. We use our TEs better. Haskins is becoming a passable run threat... enough to keep their D honest. Their red zone rate is up to normal standards since the Purdue game. 5. UM will have them ready for this one... and if it's close, I bet we prevail. This game is won or lost on defense. If we play like last week or at Purdue, we lose big. Won't be able to score enough to keep up. If we play like we did in the second half of most games or against Sparty, we'll win for sure. 28-17 OSU or 38-24 TTUN depending on the defense.