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I enjoy a good Ale, watching a good beat-down of that team up north, owning & growing my own business, coaching youth sports, and being an active dad with my three kids.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 3 time captain in college, 1st team all league, started every game career.
  • NFL TEAM: "E" "A" "G" "L" "E" "S" "EAGLES!!"
  • NHL TEAM: Nah.. carry your own damn flag.
  • NBA TEAM: call me in June, when playoffs roll around.
  • MLB TEAM: (sigh)... The Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Ohio Dominican University Panthers

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Comment 02 Aug 2017

17 JT QB, (Tate RS), Joe back up 1A / Haskins back-up 1B

18 Haskins QB, (Jones RS), Joe back-up, Tate 3rd Fiddle

19 Haskins QB, (Bo Nix RS), Tate back-up 1A / Jones back-up 1B, Joe is grad transfer

20 Jones QB, (Top 5 Dual recruit RS), Tate back-up, Nix 3rd Fiddle

21 - Too far away.. Not sure Tate ever earns the starting QB spot.  Haskins is special.. an NFL hose, he will play.  I can see Joe play but not start the next two seasons

Comment 20 Jun 2017

He's also not in an open public setting either.  Hes a special invitee to a prestigious one day Ohio State football camp for elite recruits. 

He wore that shirt to generate attention first to himself, so he can bring awareness to his cause, but it was a decision he made knowing he would be bringing attention to himself. 

Have yet to meet a coach the likes distractions of any kind on the practice field, regardless if the distraction has social awareness merit for positive change or not, it's a me first distraction on the field.

time and place.

Comment 18 Jun 2017

Made the move.  Very excited for our company to be transitioning into our new (bigger) home.  Safe to say..  DibbleDabble will be visiting Land Grant Brew very soon as well.   :)

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Bruce Arena is pulling the right levers.  I hate to pack it in with 5 defensive backs, but it worked.  He set the strategy and it played out according to plan.  1 point on the road, especially in Azteca, is golden, and basically puts us thru to Russia.  Big point, big result last night.  Win at home, tie on the road, is all you need to advance.  We basically punched our ticket thru last night.