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Lurker since TatGate in 2010 and then finally signed up for an account a few years later. I post rarely, but read the site several times a day even when football and basketball are in the offseason.

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Comment 22 Oct 2019
Are you inside my head? (Keanu Reeves gif)
Comment 22 Oct 2019
To be fair, their SoS might have an edge on ours, because they have Ohio State on their schedule whereas ours has Michigan.
Comment 03 Oct 2019
At first I misread this link as "I really hope our team is tanking" (the rest wasn't displayed), and my first thought was, "if this is what tanking looks like, I'll take it!" Come on now Caffeine, get to work!
Comment 21 Sep 2019

This game was a turning point for me.  I'd been on the Harbwaaa4Life train, but after seeing clips of his postgame conference and the pain throughout that man's soul, damning him to a life sentence of firsthand involvement in That Shartshow Up North would be cruel and unusual punishment.  I'd finally be okay now if they just mercifully let him out to pasture.

Comment 03 Jul 2019
Me too!  There's even a brick wall next to me .....buuuuuut then I remembered I'm three floors up.  So I'll put this here instead:

(There really ought to be a Buckeyes jersey on him)

Comment 15 Feb 2019

the argument for which there is no correct answer, only a picture perfect ending: what’s better—for Michigan to suck and lose all its games or be good and win its first 11 only to get crushed in The Game?

For me the answer is to see them win the offseason and get their September Heisman and CFP campaigns going full steam, and then just when people actually start paying attention, crash into the mountain spectacularly and repeatedly, finally stumbling into the last game just to receive their knockout blow.

Comment 05 Feb 2019
This was a wonderfully worthwhile watch. I would have loved if he included (or followed up with? (pretty pretty super please?)) interviews of the players involved looking back on the incident with the perspective of time.
Comment 28 Jan 2019

Imagine where Bo would stand in college lore if his teams had scored a TD on first and goal from the one and had managed to make those last-minute two field goals.

It's almost as if God hates them. (And rightfully so)