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Comment 22 Feb 2014

Nice one dude!  And where are you from? Some hick ass town in farmland america?  seriously there are horrible people everywhere, not just philly.  You know that, and I am clueless as to how people on this site are able to say things about people or towns for that matter without knowing or ever visiting the place.  You guys do realize that the best receiver on the bucks last year was from"philly"  or should i say hell, because thats how you describe it.  It really is quite crazy to think you guys are actual people who have lives and jobs, which I assume you have to interact with people on a regular basis.  

Your missing my point, stereotypes are a bad thing to believe in for a reason.  They are not true.  Not to mention Evan Turner is even described by a teammate of his as a villain.  So maybe he couldn't hack it in that sports town because of the pressure. 

Do you honestly believe he should have been the 2nd overall pick in that draft?  Is he that type of talent really?  

Comment 21 Feb 2014

A lot more central and western PA fans then philadelphia fans at Penn State.  

But bottom line is Philly is no where close to a sports hell with 3 of the 4 teams being competitive almost every year, and all 4 making it to their respective championship since 2001.  

Finally the main point is much of a buckeye fan I am, I am also a realist.  ET was not worth the 2nd overall pick and never lived up to the hype. Not the same player as he was in college.  And coaches would rather play others while he was there because of his poor attitude.  Stop living in the past, and realize that ET id not as good as he was when he played on the Bucks.   

Comment 21 Feb 2014

Shooting making 16 pts on 14 shots is not good, especially when you are the main go to guy on the team.  And no where near what 2nd overall pick should be playing as.  

Oh and that best player in the world has choked in the playoffs every time since he has won the cup, (which he wasn't on the ice for).  He has the best team in the league throughout the regular season and then chokes under pressure.  Look at the olympics, no goals as the best player on team Canada.  

Those are facts

Comment 20 Feb 2014

Funny you never said "culture" you said specifically "sports hell," which is very inaccurate.  We are very knowledgable fans, and honestly being from PHILADELPHIA, (which I am assuming your ID doesn't state Pittsburgh on it, but another convo for another time) there are two things in this town that people care about: sports and food.  

Just because some bad fans represent us, which all sports teams have (including the Bucks) doesn't mean that is how we all are.  I only illustrated my competence to show a fraud on this site. You say you don't care about the NBA, on your profile, but yet commenting on an NBA related post.  Your favorite player is ET, which you get a pass because you probably still remember him from college, and have never watched a game of his in the NBA in which he is currently shooting 42%, where he is supposedly the star of the team.  That is horrible.  The sixers also got a second round pick in the trade and will likely not resign granger.  They are supposed to tank this year and you would know that if you followed the NBA.  

Finally, I want to apologize for not reading what you didn't write in your originial post. (Philly sports culture hell???) 

Comment 20 Feb 2014

Have you looked up the story of santa claus incident? Okay well let me refresh your memory, the santa claus was drunk on the field and was representing an advertisement.  The eagles were 2-10 that year, 1968, which you sir probably weren't even alive for.  And if you watched some games this year, cincy vs. Baltimore you would have seen the same thing.  What about the LA dodgers fans beating up the SF giants fans?  Or Mich State starting bonfires all over town this year.  Bad fans are everywhere.  

And honestly, the players who can handle the heat: Chase Utley, Allen Iverson, Brian Dawkins, Claude Giroux, Keith Primeau, Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, Brian Westbrook, Reggie White, Chris Pronger,  Bernie Parent, Mike Schmidt, and many others are heroes in this town and love it here.  Even TO last week has admitted it was his best year ever playing football.  So, in conclusion stereotypes are everywhere, but look at the facts they never lie.  

Comment 20 Feb 2014

MoopDog, I was responding to someone stating that Philadelphia is a sports hell.  No does that really make any sense with the facts I have listed?  Because if I had to pick a sports hell, I would go with cleveland, cinch, houston, or something of that nature.  Not philadelphia which every major sports team has won at least a championship of some sort.  Last time I checked sports are really a matter of what have you done for me lately philosophy  And in that case, I would say the Eagles made the playoffs most recently and the steelers didn't both in pretty horrible divisions this year.  Secondly, the last time the Pens and Flyers met in the playoffs and regular season we beat you guys.  Not to mention when you went to the cup we were right there next to you in the EC FInals.

If you look at the first comment, it really makes no sense, because (I agree the sixers are bad) it is no where near a "sports hell".  And I don't care where you are from, you cannot for one second say it is. Then I did research and your friend above is from Pittsburgh, which makes a whole lot of sense.  Also is profile says that the NBA sucks, so why is he commenting in the first place.  

Just another example of people on the internet talking out of the butt, and not really having any information.


Did I mention the sixers are trying to tanking??? And they are doing a pretty good job of it I might add, they have two first round picks, and three second round picks, plus MWC.  

Comment 20 Feb 2014

Should have know you were from the hole in the ground in western PA.  Is that place even considered a city? All that comes to my mind is that ugly old lady that makes those fraud sandwiches with fries on them (which were stolen from Rutgers University), truckers who use dip, and little Cindy Crybaby!  Just remember who the really city is from PA. 

Comment 20 Feb 2014

First off, please tell me you are have watched ET play for the sixers right???  If you have you would know that he was no where close to being worth the 2nd overall pick.  Also, sports hell that is philadelphia?  Are you serious?  I think you a must be crazy or short sighted because the eagles made the playoffs this past year, winning the NFC east.  And it was only a few years ago that the sixers themselves beat the bulls, and went on to take the celtics 7 games.  Also the flyers have only missed the playoffs 2 times in the past 18 years.  Not to mention the Phillies in 2008 winning the world series, along with getting back in 2009, and then losing to the eventual world series champs in the playoffs both of the following years.  Finally all four major sports teams, (which is more then any team in OHIO has)  all have won championships.  1960 eagles beat packers for nfl championship!  Think before you speak young man, think before you speak.