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Comment 19 Nov 2017

My senior year in HS I went to AA and we sat in the middle of the Xichigan parents' section.  I was decked out head to toe in scarlet and had to look just like that guy.  Harbaby to John freakin' Kolesar for the dagger to the heart.  But man, what a time that was.

Comment 07 Oct 2017

The main reason is the alpha male mentality.  They believe that all they need is the opportunity and they will win the job.  They have ultimate confidence in their ability to compete and execute and earn it.  Without that mentality they wouldn't have gotten to where they are in the first place and without it we wouldn't want them in our jersey.  It's why a team can be down 28-3 with 20 minutes against the 2nd best team in the league and still go out and execute and get it done.

Everyone is one play from being on the field.  Martell believes he can come in and beat out 4 other guys that weren't able to beat out the starter and Martell can be the backup to Barrett.  One play later Martell is the starter.

It's like UFM said - we don't recruit 3rd stringers here.  We recruit starters.  They are all starters.  They just need the chance to get out there.

Comment 10 Sep 2017

If that broke him he wasn't the answer anyway.  QB's have to be able to overcome all kinds of adversity and that rates about a 3 on the scale of what they encounter, especially what he's had to in the media and from OSU fans.

JT's problem is that he's just not a very good QB.  He is very slow to read the field and even slower to react to what he sees.  By the time he's ready to throw the window is gone, the player is in a different spot, or the DB has closed.  This is why his footwork is so poor - what he saw a split second ago is no longer there, so his brain is trying to guess on the fly how to adapt.  This leads to not stepping into throws, to guessing how much further to lead the receiver (leading to overthrows), or just making what ends up being a bad throw into traffic that wasn't there a moment ago.  

That's why muscle memory is so important, so that when your mind is racing in the heat of the battle your mechanics remain solid.  This is why the great QB's are great.  JTB never developed these mechanics and the muscle memory needed to lock them in.  It's crazy to watch his footwork in what is otherwise a clean pocket or to watch how much his throwing motion varies from throw to throw. 

We need to move on, but not because his confidence is shot.  It's because he doesn't have the tools necessary to win football games against the opponents we'll eventually face.  This season is not at all over.  First of all we can still beat xichigan - that saves just about any season.  But if we're 11-1 + Big Ten Championship winner in December and our only loss is to a then-top 5 Oklahoma we'll be in the playoffs. 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

...I might be okay with OSU hiring him now, come to think of it...

It would be worth doing just to troll Xichigan.  Can you imagine the tears?

Comment 03 Feb 2017

I'm thrilled about Barrett coming back, yes.  Because worst case scenario he's another option to compete at QB.  Urban has already proven he won't gift the guy a starting spot, so if he's starting it's because he beat out all of the other options.  And if he's #2 it's because he beat out all the options in that competition too.  He's a great kid, a hard worker, and someone you know isn't going to quit.  We already know he won't pout if he's not starting and we know he'll be ready if called up.

He showed nice growth in '14 before regressing the last couple of years.  His mechanics got sloppy and his release is very slow.  Maybe that's coaching and he can fix that.  Maybe he's not able to.  But I damn sure want him to have the chance to prove it in scarlet and gray rather than somewhere else.

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Dennis Leary is looking at her like "why the F do you want to know what's in my wallet"? 

I think it's more like "I've got something for you in my pants all right but it's not a wallet"

Comment 14 Jan 2017

were you in the same room with him to know how he meant it? I didn't say it was a race issue

I wasn't in the same room, which is why I didn't put any meaning behind his words other that what he wrote.  You're the one that did that, and you did say it was a race issue -  "why everytime a black player speaks people comment o he is well spoken like you are surprised he can say a complete sentence."  Your words.  There was no reason to assume that based on what the guy wrote.  You went there all by yourself.

We have enough hate and anger in this world.  We don't need people contriving it where it doesn't exist.  Love your neighbor, love the buckeyes, and screw xichigan.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

Why do you assume he was surprised he can "say a complete sentence"?  He didn't say he was surprised.  You're the one that made it about race. 

If you tell your lady "you look nice in that dress" does that mean you are surprised she looks good?  That you didn't think she looked good before? 

Sometimes an observation is just an observation.  Stop looking for tensions where they don't exist.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

They can do plenty wrong.  Changing their minds on the most important decision of their lives, regarding where they will go to pursue their dreams both academically and athletically, is not one of them.

Petulance isn't a good look, ever, by the way.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Pretty epic.  I was at the Rutgers game and the same thing happened there, in deafening fashion.  I thought that was the greatest thing I had ever seen and never dreamed it would happen in Ann Arbor.  Just epic.