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Comment 29 Mar 2011

So a former Tennessee player (who is in trouble with the law now) makes these allegations about Tenn. and we buy it fully, but when say a former OSU recruit, makes oh i dont know similar sketchy allegations we plug our ears up and willfully pretend like we're different from every other big time college football program. 




i love how everyone will read this article and 100% believe the parts about Auburn being dirty as s*it but just selectively ignore the OSU parts. Because Tressel runs a clean ship. It's not like he'd lie about concealing anyhting. That man is a shining beacon of transparencey and morality. And no boosters/alumni/random ppl in Columbus here ever do anything sketch for any player. Like renting cars or anything.  Nope, we're OSU and we're classy and clean and f*ck those SEC cheaters who beat the tar out of us on the field. 

Comment 28 Mar 2011

To be fair, 2006 isn't really all that unexpected in hindsight. George Mason, yes, but that UCLA team was loaded with NBA talent (collison - farmar - Affalo- mbah a moute), as was LSU (big baby, Tyrus thomas) and UF (Noah-horford-brewer). 


i highly doubt VCU or butler will be producing trios of nba talent