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Comment 02 Sep 2015

Were you born with the ability to make grown men cry in their cubicles or was this skill acquired?

Comment 03 Apr 2015

I'm a Nordonia grad and saw Ward play a lot.  I don't think he runs a 4.3 but definitely think he's a sub 4.5 kind of guy.  I think his greatest contribution will be on special teams both short and long term.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Hoping someone can help with this...

I went to Fed Ex Kinkos to print out Walt's game posters-poster but they refused citing copyright law.  Anyone know where I can get this printed out?

Comment 08 Oct 2012

This was the first E2B that I've been to.  It was a blast.  The wife and I had a great time.  Easy to get food and drinks.  I'll definitely be back for next year's.

I don't participate much on this site so we kind of kept to ourselves but definitely wanted to say thanks for a good time.

Comment 03 May 2011

Ramzy once again crushing it.  This perfectly sums up how feel about the whole Herbie situation.

Comment 13 Apr 2011

I have no clue.  No real details were provided.  Anthing you or I postulate would be pure speculation.


Although, IMO the post made it sound like it was something much worse than having last season vacated.

Comment 13 Apr 2011


An insider on Bucknuts posted that more bad news was coming.  He didn't provide any details other than to say it was the worst thing imaginable.


The thread has since been deleted (at the request of the insider who originally posted it).

Comment 12 Apr 2011

Putting up a statue of a 22 year old guy is beyond stupid.

What happens when Tebow inevitably gets caught with a tranny?