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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Whatever 11 players are on the field for TOSU!!
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Comment 04 Aug 2013

I really can't stand this kid. (Insert MAJOR sarcasm font!!)

I believe this young man will bleed S&G for MANY years after his playing days.....maybe even be a coach?? Great young man!!

Comment 15 Jan 2013

I promise I will work hard and we will get that crystal ball! 

..........Nuff said for me.........I LIKE HIM!!!


Honestly, I am really glad he is on board!

Comment 15 Jan 2013

I'm going to say that's not entirely true......maybe the game will be a tie at that time. Not losing AND not winning. Not playing bad, just not playing good enough to be winning at that time. Trey caused the fumble and "BAM" they have a spark and the game goes NUTZ from there and we win be 20+!!

......yeah that's how I meant it! Ha!

Comment 14 Jan 2013

I cannot wait to see Trey lay some guys out these next several years! Somebody write it down.....he is going to make a hit in a National Championship that knocks a ball loose and turns the game for the good guys!!!

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Hello to all! I am new here as far as posting, but have been lurking forever! I have loved the recruting updates that this place gives! I will say that when I say this comitt today I was suprised, and very excited. Boy it's cool to see UFM pull great kids out of SCUM's back yard!!!