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Comment 13 May 2013

Agreed, he is definitely a solid pickup and depth at receiver is always nice.  I hope doesn't transfer if playing time doesn't come right away, like a couple of our florida receiver commits did. 

Comment 12 May 2013

Just my opinion but I think that competition is largely overrated when talking about high school talent.  Many players end up being great while playing at largely unproven high school grounds, such as Alabama's big quarterback recruit being from Utah.

Comment 12 May 2013

Our recruiting has been very regional thus far, what is very interesting is that our rival has been the opposite of us.  In the last recruiting cycle it was the very opposite, I very much like this class so far.

Comment 08 Apr 2013

You lose all credibility when you compare rooting for nfl divisions versus a conference in college sports.  There are recruits who might or might not want to play in a particular conference because of success, players in pro sports are drafted.  I understand why some people might want to not pull for Michigan and I get that but it is much different than pro sports.

I won't be rooting for Michigan tonight but I won't be rooting against them either.  I will be an observer watching a basketball game, at least that is how I will go into it.  This conference really needs a national title but I can't go all michigan either.

Comment 30 Mar 2013

It isn't about the standards though, fans can't dictate how good the teams are.  It is about reality and comparing the football team to the basketball team is just dumb.  Frankly it's unfair to the basketball team to hold them to the same standards as the football team.

Comment 30 Mar 2013

We are one of the top athletic programs in the country but not one of the top basketball programs in the country.  I could count on my hand how many football schools win basketball national titles.

Comment 30 Mar 2013

Do you know why?  This isn't a basketball school, it isn't our thing.  We aren't a national program but a regional brand.  Comparing our football team to our basketball team is lunacy.  We don't have 100+ years of football tradition to demand the very best recruits, what Thad Matta does is incredible.  Maybe you need to realize that as a brand and a program we aren't Kentucky.

Comment 30 Mar 2013

We had a great season but I think that we were the better team and we should have won.  We played pitiful in the first half and deserved to lose, although I do think that it says a lot about this teams character scratching and clawing back.  For me this is the toughest loss for The Ohio State University since the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, just that sick feeling in my gut.  We didn't lose we just ran out of time.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I think that there is a correlation between the increased fouls and our scoring increasing.  I think that it is causing both of the defenses to back off and not defend as well.  This leads to easier and more efficient shooting.  I like how our buckeyes can play multiple styles and adjust accordingly.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

Being a huge hockey fan I have always wondered why the plus/minus stat wasn't applied to other sports, specifically basketball.  It is a great measure of how a players defense helps a team other than just steals or blocks.  It also shows how underrated aaron craft is imo.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I have never been west of Chicago but mad props for the gta reference, I feel like I am a kid again.