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Comment 16 Nov 2016

Not saying it wasn't hilarious to see what happened, but now stupid me is stuck with 2 B1G tickets and $700 worth of hotel nights. It's highway robbery I tell you. Not going the reservation route anymore.

Anyone know any Penn State or Wisconsin fans that need a hotel room in Indy?

Comment 18 Sep 2015

Whenever I've attended games in the past, I've been fortunate enough to be able to attend the Datish's tailgate. They are fantastic people. Very grateful they allow "outsiders" to fraternize with them. The stories that Mike and Barney share sometimes (if you're lucky) are legendary. Sue's pudding shots are FANtastic.

Good folks. Love them.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

i believe air force runs a flexbone option offense. and army runs a variation of it as well. now, granted the talent level of army isn't at navy or air force, but i would think these arguments would be valid against scheduling any of the 3 military academies. i for one, dont believe i'd ever exchange navy for air force. army maybe.

i'm not convinced that less game planning for navy would have resulted in a better outcome vs. VT from what we've been told. it seemed to be a matter of inability to adjust in-game to what VT did.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

On the Nebraska music/fan thing.... How about we hear the fucking band? God, I hate piped in music. So fucking lame.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

don't sweat it. the mouthbreather contigent are typically the lionsshare of the posts here. between the tough-guy bieber comments and the unbridled, unabashed displays of homerism there's little room for realistic, objective #hottakes from the masses in the comments area.

bottom line:  good player. tough team. solid talent. should be a good game. does not equal autowin. dunno where that fucking rumor got started.


Comment 19 Jun 2014

If someone complains about the current "style of offense" I swear to God I'll bring down the Internet and everyone connected to one of it's tubes. Seriously, you're either a.) way to fucking old or b.) have been subjected to too much matt millen or gary danielson. In the first case, you're excused. It's nature. Just make sure you admit yourself to an accredited retirement facility. In the other case, I also can't blame you for this. There aren't a lot of options. At least Craig James is gone. Try to educate yourself. You can be saved.