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Comment 24 May 2019

Took my son to the Buckeye Bash at the Irvine Spectrum at Dave and Busters for the first time.  Vowed to never return that this venue again and we haven't been back since.

Comment 21 May 2019

There comes a time in every mans life when they must CHOOSE to GROW THE "F" UP.  Not sure if Zeke will ever grow up.  Similar things happening over and over and over again...

Comment 20 Apr 2019

I'll accept double digit dvs for my post.  I called urban being done at tOSU back in September, I am calling him to usc and doing everything in his power to give back to tOSU for what the university did to stain his reputation (suspension).  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Urban will NEVER be back at tOSU again, the university made him look really bad with the suspension.  He will do everything in his power when at USC to make tOSU his b#tch on the gridiron.  Mark my words...

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I wonder what's going to happen when they get to the league and aren't starting, as far as I know there is not a transfer portal in the NFL or real life...  I don't get this entitled generation of needing to have everything right now, we're screwed as a society if this is the mentality in the future.