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Comment 30 Jan 2015

This isn't anything new or unusual. I remember Urban Meyer went to church with Noah Spence's parents. Recruiting is weird.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

My go-to recommendation for people who want to get into craft beer is usually something from Bell's or Founder's, but since they are from Michigan I would recommend a good Ohio beer for tonight. I know for sure Great Lakes Brewing stuff is available in Virginia, and it's made right on W 25th Street in Cleveland, so look for some of their stuff. They usually have a variety 12 pack that has a few examples of their beers. Edmund Fitzgerald is probably the finest example of an American porter in existence.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Over the past 3 years, to some degree I feel that team has gotten comfortable with the fact that Braxton will be able to carry them through. Now that the illusion is gone everyone has a sense that they need to step up. I'm just as excited for the season without Braxton as I was with him. There are too many elite players on this team to always be calling on #5 to bail us out.

Comment 17 Apr 2014

OL is probably the hardest position to pull guys from outside of the Midwest. Having two 5 stars in state is huge, probably the first time that has happened in recent history.

Comment 12 Jun 2013

Players leaving early who don't graduate negatively effect APR. I think around 20, maybe more, players from RR recruiting classes have left for various reasons. Under Hoke they are trending back up and will be back on par with tOSU. Of course, we should make fun of them while it lasts.

Comment 04 Apr 2013

Let's also not forget that this reporter is the one who did the hatchet job on the Duke Lacrosse team that wound up all being false. Not saying there isn't plenty of smoke at Auburn, but this reporter has credibility problems despite her former stops.

Comment 08 Feb 2013

Good for Townsend. If an Ohio player who grew up an Ohio State fan was offered by Urban at the last second, we would all be ecstatic for him and glad to have him.

Comment 28 Nov 2012

The Free Press has been notoriously unfriendly to TSUN for a long time.

Comment 27 Nov 2012

Raekwon has the kind of talent that can carry a whole team on his back. I hope he considers comitting sooner, because he's the kind of guy you build a class around.

Comment 31 Jul 2012

Whether or not the story is bullshit, as someone who has driven someone else's vehicle and later found out something illegal was in it at the time, your first rule of thumb should always be, "No officer I don't consent to searches."

Comment 17 Jul 2012

With Hyde/Smith/Brionte in our backfield, I would expect to see them take a lot of the hard inside runs. Tim Tebow was basically a fullback, I don't think we should expect to see Braxton subjected to the same type of pounding. Braxton's injury history is still a concern for me, though.