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Comment 27 Sep 2019
Nebraskaball is leading the Big 10 in takeaways... Not worried about the game whatsoever though. ESPN gasbags are everywhere. I just tune them out. There were a lot of them that picked the Wolverines to win the Big 10.
Comment 02 Mar 2019

Definitely use a Realtor to represent you as the buyer.  They don't cost anything, the seller's agent splits the 6% commission with them.  This will most likely be the biggest investment of your life, do not screw it up trying to do it without any guidance.  

Comment 20 Dec 2018

That's the difference between the Bucks fanbase and these rabid hilljacks down south.  I haven't heard any ill will wished towards Dwan Mathis. Dawgs fans want all of the bad things in the world to happen to Fields.  There should be some sort of case study done on these maniacs.  It doesn't just mean more in the SEC, they are just louder and have no sense of how to act in polite society.  Savages for real.  

Comment 27 Nov 2018
This guy stole this "we're good but not elite" tagline from James Franklin's meltdown at his post game speech after the Penn St loss to the Bucks. These are the words of a loser who has been beaten down so often that all hope has been lost. Their only recourse is to actively root for the Bucks to not make the CFP (which is idiotic because the Wolverines would go to the Rose Bowl if OSU made the CFP), root for the Bucks to get drilled if they do make it, and criticise UFM. It's sad this is what the rivalry has come to.
Comment 18 Nov 2018

White was responsible for 2 long touchdown runs.  Bad angle on the first one and missed tackle on the 2nd ala Isaiah Pryor.  

Comment 18 Nov 2018

#1 plays quite a bit.  More importantly, where was Weber???

Comment 05 Nov 2018
We Buckeye fans are spoiled. Give me a Big 10 title and I'm good. Anybody who thinks that this team can do anything in the CFP is out of their mind. Maybe they have some more studs on the bench that haven't played all year like White...
Comment 25 Aug 2018
The only way to punish these people who disseminate false and biased opinions is to tune out. It takes discipline, but if we get enough people to boycott, we can change it. It's only getting weirder as the years go on.
Comment 20 Aug 2018
At the end of the day, TOSU wants to make sure that their employees adhered to Title IX. Firing UFM OR Gene Smith would be an admission of guilt and open the flood gates for a civil lawsuit. Don't get it twisted, the group the conducted this investigation is working for TOSU. Follow the $.
Comment 15 Aug 2018
Whomever the title company was should have provided you with a settlement statement. You should contact them, not the mortgage company. The settlement statement is a line item sheet that spells out where all the money is applied to for the seller and buyer.