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Comment 10 Jul 2012

The first reaction I have when in an arguement with someone, especially a woman who is the mother of my child, isn't to call the cops on them.  If he was to call the cops and she was to get arrested/charged with something, you can almost guarantee that will be the end of the relationship.  I'm not saying that the way that this situation was handled was correct, I am saying that there are many ways to solve the issue before getting the police involved.

Comment 09 Mar 2012

hahahaha wow..good thing i wasnt drinking anything while i read that..good stuff

Comment 03 Feb 2012

that will definitely be tough..but i have plans..and it involves unreasonable amounts of canes and michigan fat girl jokes

Comment 20 Jan 2012

haha love the new girl hindsight maybe my choice of profile name wasnt the smartest..maybe i should move to 'bama

Comment 20 Jan 2012

first time poster here...and its wishing elika a happy birthday..hope that gets me some extra brownie points ;)