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Comment 09 Sep 2015

3 Rails after that win is why I'm a little groggy on a Wednesday.  What a game, what an atmosphere, can't say enough about the reception we got from their fans.  Every fanbase has some bad apples, but theirs just seemed to have a lot less of them than most.  It was awesome to see the reception script Ohio got at halftime.  Saw nothing but class from both sides the entire weekend.  

Ramzy's video didn't quite do the entrance justice.  It was louder in there for that than I think I've ever heard at home.  All in all a great weekend and certainly worth the steep price of admission.  

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Nope, still need tickets myself.  And I found a taker on the room.  If anyone else is still looking, it sounds like there's a few decent AirBNB options still out there.  Go Bucks and see ya down there!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

He should quit school and start a clothing company to sell those shirts.  

Comment 29 Dec 2014

I made the mistake of pointing out this comparison in the youtube comments.  I forgot reasoning with facts with this individual would be futile.  I was responded to by the man himself with: "We'll see who has more tackles at the end of the night!".  That sounds like something I would have come back with in 3rd grade when I had nothing else to say, but to his point, I do hope Landon Collins out-tackles Bosa at the end of the night.  That should mean that Landon spends his night tackling our WR's down the field or he's stuck in the box as the last line of defense after EZE gashes the Bama front 7.  

Comment 22 Dec 2014

Agree completely.  Such a profitable football program allows our athletic budget to be self-sustaining, something most universities don't have the luxury of.  So maybe instead of bashing the guy for getting a little of the well-deserved spotlight, you should be thanking him for saving you a few bucks on tuition.  

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Sounds like we can add armed robbery to the list of things the TPD isn't good at investigating:

Comment 03 Oct 2014

352, but the front 7 holds them to < 100 rushing yards and the Bucks roll by 21.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

I think about 5 out of the 60 above posts have Buffalo covering the spread.  I'm be with the majority in Vegas this weekend.  63-17

Comment 17 Jan 2013

It will be interesting to see how this affects his draft stock.  If I'm in the front office in the NFL and any proof comes out that he was somehow involved, there's no way I touch this guy.  Even in the current NFL that's full of convicts, this would be a PR nightmare trying to sell this draft pick to your fans. 

Comment 11 Dec 2012

Craft was a scorer in high school (at Liberty-Benton) out of necessity.  With Ohio Red he essentially played the same game there that he has his first two years at OSU.  His game was always predicated on layups and jumpers the foul line/elbow.  His high school team was in division 3, so he was able to get a lot more good looks and layups over smaller, weaker defenders.  He'll never have the same ability to create his own shot, the way the Ross's or Buford's of the world can, but that being said, his game as-is definitely has a spot in the offense and he is far and away the best passer on the team.  For this team to make a deep run in March, I believe Craft has to be the primary ball handler, not so much to develop his own offensive game, but to improve others' off-the-ball games and the overall chemistry of the offensive.