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Comment 03 Dec 2017

Bottom line: a team that gets shellacked by Iowa late in the season has no business in any playoff.  And fans are ridiculous to think otherwise.  I feel bad for Wisconsin, not for OSU.  For us, a bowl game v. USC or Notre Dame is much more in line w/ reality.  It's a young team, and it'll be fun.  Waiting in dread for a matchup w/ any of the Top 3 (all at least somewhat legit) and a chance to relive the Clemson horror of last year...  As for the CFB, I'm psyched that I don't have to watch and more 4.5 hour games.  I could not care less about those four teams.

Comment 01 Apr 2012

I don't think Withey is particularly mediocre.  Seven blocks in a game is no small potatoes.  He's agile, w/ the volleyball skills, and if he puts on some muscle I can see him playing a couple years as an NBA backup or ten years in Europe.  Which is what Sullinger and Thomas are looking at if they believe their own hype and leave after that disaster...  That game was like a highlight reel of how NOT-ready for the NBA those two are.  Forget Withey - Robinson is the sort of player you face every night, all game, in the NBA, and he is in an entirely different category, and he owned the court the whole second half.  Sullinger did look like he'd never played against a tall guy before, and continuing to force shots that were either stuffed in his face or flickered harmlessly off the top of the backboard was stubborn to the point of bizarre.  But I'm with the people - or I will be in a week - who said that a Final Four for this group equates a triumph.  I don't think Matta can ever win it all unless he learns to use a bench, but his strength as a coach is in recruiting guys like Buford - and thank you for a great career, sir - and Craft and Smith, Jr. and Lighty and Diebler.  Ultimately, the one (or two)-and-done's are irrelevant - I, for one, do not feel as though Oden or Conley or Cook were "Buckeyes" and have forgotten them - but in this day of selfish play and mega-hype, Matta brings in good young men who make me proud of my alma mater, and that is saying something.