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Comment 12 Aug 2020

 I cannot see my parents bc of this damn virus but I looked forward to at least talking OSU football with them. Now I can’t. Football brings people together without regard to politics, money, race, or anything else. Now it is gone and not clear when it will be back

You’re right over the target. Everyone with a brain can see that this virus is being used to destroy the American morale right before an important autumn. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Good, all this shit is so dumb. The act of playing football in the first place poses a greater health risk to these men than if they got the virus. I know multiple people that have had this virus, to younger people it is literally a mild cold, if anything.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I think you're missing the point. Many of the people dying will be dead in the next few months regardless. Do you think they’d rather spend it with their family, not doing whatever the government tells them to do, or do you think they’d rather just curl up in their home all day living in fear?

Comment 31 Jul 2020

Glad to see it took a pandemic to get the university to finally take student health seriously. Too bad no one was available for a doctors note when a plague ripped through Canfield my freshman year and I was forced to take a calc exam while half-dead, leading to a unsuspecting formula sheet being used as a tissue because I had gone through my box of Kleenex.

Comment 10 Jul 2020

All this is gonna do is slow the spread of a disease that 99% of students who get it wont even know they have it.

Three options are: all-in, half-ass, don't go back.

All-in: Everybody gets infected quickly and is presumably immune, will go home and not infect parents and family at thanksgiving.

half-ass(current plan): let everyone slowly get infected, transport virus across the world at thanksgiving

Not at all: Try to learn online, and here's a distance learning fee to go with it.