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Comment 13 Sep 2019

Yea I'm in the camp of i don't care if Michigan wins or loses as long as they lose to us the final week. They will be good again eventually its inevitable (I just hope we stay a lot better) so no need to worry about this rivalry disappearing anytime soon. 

Comment 04 Oct 2018

Haskins will only learn to make those throws and reads under pressure if he experiences it in a true game (hopefully not too often). He got some of that last week ad now he can look at film and see what he needs to do in the future when he has to deal with a not so clean pocket or forced to roll out. I feel like people keep forgetting hes only been at the helm for 5 games. it takes a little more time than that to have total control of most situations. Cant wait to see him later on in the season. Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Jun 2018

Also who said Tate can`t throw? Are people basing that on the spring game where he had to go against our D line and could barely get a clean pocket? They also ran him the majority of the time I would not use that as the baseline for him. He can definitely throw a quick slant or an out route I think people are severely underestimating his abilities. ( which I hope other teams do too)

Comment 24 May 2018

Haskins knows he is THE guy already. He knows its his job and he has to perform and I`m fairly certain he has been in meetings where the Tate coming in on special packages has been discussed. He knows he's not a great runner and knows some situations may arise where Tate will be better suited but no doubt in my mind he knows its his job. I`m not worried about Haskins mentality he seems like a tough kid with plenty of confidence in his abilities