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Comment 08 Aug 2019

said the same thing to a friend earlier. clevinger getting a win to start this series would be HUGE. eating innings after the bullpen was chewed through yesterday would be nice as well. big game tonight!

Comment 26 Apr 2019

There a LOT of plot holes and issues with the handling of time travel BUT...WHO CARES!?!?! That was the single greatest fan service movie of all time, it was amazing fun the entire time, there were clever quips at every turn but it never felt forced or overdone. I loved it. AVENGERS.....ASSEMBLE. You have to be heartless to not fall out of your chair cap dropped that line.

The best thing the MCU has done has been creating serious moments without taking themselves too seriously. Like rocket saying 'hes pretty good at that' after caps speech. And this movie delivered on that. Lot of heavy scenes done well, but never taking themselves too seriously.

It delivered on what i wanted to see anyway. Fun, callbacks, intense, great!

Comment 19 Mar 2019

That doesnt mean Day or someone else didnt tell tate "we really want you to stay and compete for the job, but you should know we think the skills of fields and baldwin fit the system we want to run better." Of course he would be able to compete for the job, but a competition tilted heavily against him before it starts? doenst make him some terrible asshole (though again, many other things might)

Comment 01 Jan 2019

with how insanely bad fromm looks i cant believe fields hasnt been able to beat him out. id love for him to come cuz you cant have too much talent, but with his time in the system i think tate would be the front runner to start