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Comment 06 Dec 2016

I know that it would be a long shot given he is not even a coordinator but Coombs would be a home run hire down in Cincinnati.  His ties down there would make him a juggernaut from a recruiting standpoint. 

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I think there is a real possibility that this happens.  I think that Fickell would be an ideal fit for Temple and I can' imagine that Schiano doesn't get a shot after this year.  Strong would be an great fit.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

Yeah, it's best not to mention his name down here.  Funny thing about Sherman.  He was stationed out on Fort Moultrie (Sullivans Island) just after he left West Point.  He is quoted as saying that was the happiest time of his life and that he couldn't have enjoyed living down here more. 

Comment 31 Aug 2016

Moved down to Charleston last May and have loved every second of it.  However, the locals down here (and oddly others that have come from all over the U.S.) HATE, HATE, HATE Ohio and Ohio State.  It's kind of odd to me, but its reached the point that I don't really wear my tOSU gear except for game days.  Glad you enjoyed your trip to the low country. 

Comment 11 May 2016

I flew up to Cleveland for the film festival for the premiere and was able to watch it with my youngest brother.  It was a great event, and a good mix of people. You had the patrons of the arts sipping their cocktails and the factory workers in their Tim Couch #2 jerseys slugging 24oz Bud Heavy(s).  After the film ended they introduced several local sports celebrities, including Byner.  The crowd to its credit gave him a nearly standing ovation.  It was a great moment.  

I thought that the film was heavy handed in its provincial nature.  As a Clevelander that has lived outside of Cleveland for over a decade I feel that a bit of an outside perspective would have increased the credibility of the plight we all share.  

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Nothing will compare to the 1998 gut punch, plus I still have the glow of the Wisc / Bama / Oregon run from last season.   Would have never imagined a win streak like that with an unproven 3rd stringer.  

Comment 28 Dec 2015

Agree 100% - will only marginally impact the preseason poll and as we have seen this year and last the committee really does not consult either the AP or the coaches poll.   I do think the performance of tOSU, Mich St., and Mich will impact the B1G ability for 2 teams next year and possibly going forward.   4 wins out of these teams (Mich St. National Title) will set up our own narrative going forward.  

Comment 16 Dec 2015

Thought the Tribe had a shot at him after this years winter meetings. 

Comment 15 Dec 2015

I was at their Notre Dame game this fall and let me tell you they have a great fan base and booster with DEEP pockets.   Even in near monsoon weather they had that stadium going.  Wouldn't be surprised to see them in the playoffs several times in the coming years. 

Comment 11 Dec 2015

If it is to slot the pay one the staff how is it that Johnson was the 5th highest paid on the 2015 staff?  In reading up on it I am lead to believe that this title is used in order to block him from making a lateral move elsewhere.  Meaning he can only leave for a HC job.