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Comment 12 Sep 2020

I agree, dare the big ten to try and stop you. There’s no way they’d have the balls to do anything. Ohio state has all this power and influence and does nothing with it.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Statistically, if every college football player were infected, not even a handful would die. Maybe 1 death, that is the actual fact with under 24 year olds and covid, before we even factor in outstanding health of athletes.

Comment 02 Sep 2020

It’s a huge win if they start the tenth and several teams sit out, means the season will be done in time for playoffs.

Comment 26 Aug 2020

Nonsense, he might not be pulling the strings, but the lack of transparency and the intentional hiding is compete cowardice. Warren needs to be gone immediately. 

Comment 25 Aug 2020

So disgusted with everything I will not watch. It was bad enough watching Bama leap frog the buckeyes Into the playoffs two years ago without cause, then we got to see the referee disaster of last year, now this. This is actually a nightmare I had never even thought of, I had mistakenly thought it was either football or no football. Having the big ten sit out while others play is more painful than I could have envisioned.