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  • SPORTS MOMENT: scoring 23 points against the 3rd ranked team in the state of Ohio and beating them to go onto the district finals my senior year in basketball.
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Comment 01 Jan 2018

TTUN is terrible. I gotta be honest here I was actually pulling for them because I am so pissed off about 2 SEC teams being in the playoff. Bama has no business being there at all. I’m not saying we did either we lost a bad game to Iowa but Damn UCF belonged over Bama. I’m just so sick of the SEC bias bullshit. But TTUN is just so terrible they beat themselves.

Comment 29 Dec 2017

Guys remember who are real rivals are TTUN. PSU is just another team in our conference they are not our rivals. PSU is a team on the upswing right now and they play us tough but I would still like to see them win their bowl game it will give more credibility to us.

Comment 27 Nov 2017

Mgoblog is hilarious to look at on game day their fans whine about getting screwed by the refs the whole game. Funny thing is we were penalized 9 times and them 6 times in the game. Michigan fans are beyond the tipping point they can’t take it any more that OSU has been kicking their ass for years. They are making up conspiracy theories it’s absolutely grand.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

Dick vitale said buckeyes will be in final four yesterday on ESPN he loves craft and our defense. I tend to agree with him we are clicking right now Ross is playin great coming of the bench.

Comment 14 Mar 2013

I feel like the big ten teams will do good in the NCAA tournament they have played a lot harder games all year than all the other teams which means they will be more polished on the floor. I tend to believe in the old saying if you want to be a better player than play with better players and the big ten is undeniably the best conference in basketball we have two players contending for player of the year  in Burke and Oladipo. I believe we could see a big ten team bring home the national championship this year. Go Buckeyes

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Go Irish tonight I just can't stand the sec they need to be taken down. I'm so tired of hearing how great they are and how nobody else stands a chance against them