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Comment 19 May 2017

Cincy is doing a great job with Southwest Ohio schools.  Marcus Freeman has been to three of our lifting sessions (we have two guys that fit with Cincy).  Fickell and co will do a great job due to stepping up the recruiting profile of the Bearcats.  We have sent at least two guys to D1 the last three years and the story on Tuberville is the same thing we experienced

Comment 18 May 2017

Can't forget the Smurf Ice Cream at King's Island...I know it isn't called Smurf Ice Cream anymore, but I refuse to call it anything else.  I used to love heading to Hanna Barbara Land to get my cone.

Comment 18 May 2017

I coach football at a large school near CityBBQ and we are having it tonight to finish Lift-a-Thon. CAN'T WAIT...very good brisket, chicken, pork, but you are right about the ribs...Also had some Bill's Donuts this morning, a Dayton area legend

Comment 04 Apr 2017

Most teams try to do one of two things against us (we run an uptempo spread):  force you to run against 6 in the box or stack the box in a bear or eagle look and play press man on the outside.  Michigan does both, great write up.  Need to be willing to throw bubble to #3 in the red raider look and take the top off vs the green and blitz looks (we did this a lot with #2 attacking a safety 1v1)

Comment 30 Jan 2017

We have a lineman at Iowa and they block power (Dave) two different ways: one is power with the guard leading up and another is called clobber with the guard kicking out the end with an H or TE leading.  He said it was great to give two looks.  With running stretch two ways it allows for both inside backers and the safety to be put in conflict for RPOs, basically dirty plays

Comment 30 Jan 2017

The school I coach at uses the lock the box method, the benefit is getting the ball outside quick with WRs block 1 on 1 with the safety being the only unblocked guy (often RPOed).  The Wilson method is better for running to both sides, as numbers aren't as important.  I completely agree on the spring game being a big indicator of how we will get the ball outside

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Meyer also blocks outside zone differently than Wilson.  Wilson's version is blocked exactly like inside zone, meaning if you have a TE, the tight end will block the force player.  The way Herman and Meyer run outside zone is with a concept called locking the box, having the tight end or slot if no tight end block the play side inside backer.  The Herman/Meyer way is more about out levering a team sealing everyone inside, Wilson's is about reading the double team of the tackle tight end on outside zone (like the guard center double is read by the back on inside zone).  Will be interesting to see if we still block both.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

I coach at a big school that played Winton Woods, and Cage may have been the best player we played all year.  We also played multiple other Buckeye recruits and multiple D1 recruits from other schools.  He was absolutely unblockable and had a great motor.  On one play, we ran outside zone/stretch away from him (on this play a pitch designed to get the ball outside quickly).  We were attempting to double him to climb to the backside backer, but he had other plans.  He blew up the backside guard and chased down our back (4.6 speed) from behind for no gain.  We watched it on film several times the next day and were amazed he was able to make that play. 

Comment 23 May 2016

Tom Herman has a nasty RPO he uses against this.  Line up 3x1 to the boundry and run speed sweep to the one receiver field side.  QB reads the FS and all receivers except for #3 run gos.  #3 runs a post right at the FS stressing him.  If FS plays speed sweep, throw post.  If FS plays #3 post, give to speed sweep since only unblocked player on that side is the FS (who is following #3).  Would work against quarters as defense would need to walk up FS or check to cover 3 and put SS on strong side as overhang and shift linebackers to the one receiver side

Comment 18 May 2016

I went on a coaching trip to BG in March.  The offense will have a bunch of air raid concepts mixed with RPOs, and they run plays fast...REALLY FAST!  QB will get the signal from the coach as the previous play is in progress, QB then relays next play to backs and receivers.  Roughly 8 seconds from whistle to snap

Comment 05 May 2015

I think you have some good points and the ACC is generally underrated....But I beg to differ on is this, we have a crown that says we can talk down anyone we want until next season starts

Comment 10 Apr 2015

Advocare supplements are garbage....they don't dissolve in water, don't work as well as other supplements, and are overpriced.  Not to mention it is a pyramid scheme that peddled caffeine to kids.  I trust the NIFS more than a seller

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Correct and we have no idea what was said to Weber by Drayton.  I would like to hold off on bashing the Buckeyes until we know, but we do know the deception by our rival and I don't think it should be ignored.  Especially since most of the criticism is coming from that school.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Agreed.  Everyone seems to have forgotten Harbaugh told Weber he would be the only running back in their class, then one commits right after (see TTUN tweets about him being afraid of competition).

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Urban is around 6'3" and looks short, the Gustins are gigantic people!!!

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Stay at a hotel by the airport and a cab is $20 round trip (easily offset by lower cost of a room)...and it is the only way you will get a cab after the game.  Worked great for the wife and me last year (except the game)

Comment 01 Sep 2014
Agreed the 3rd down stat is the biggest concern. Combine that with being so so in the red zone, it speaks to a potential issue in short yardage situations. I kind of expected to see a short yardage/red zone Cardale package, like Tebow's freshman year.