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"...and in three hundred and ten days, in Ann Arbor, Michigan." THAT rekindled me as a Buckeye fan FOREVER.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Clock running out in Jim Tressel's first Michigan game. I knew the nightmare was over.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin, shook his hand when I was 8.
  • MLB TEAM: National League
  • SOCCER TEAM: lol

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Comment 21 Jul 2020

With Lou Holz's story abut Woody considering retirement after the the '69 win over UM that didn't happen; I wonder if this Rose could've been Woody's final bow. No punch, and a more-ordered succession at the helm. Nothing against Earle (that grandson of his....) but, yeah.

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Funny how Harbaugh was able to initiate the demise of the SoCal dynasty with that Stanford win in 2007, but can get NO traction against the Beloved Buckeye. Despite beating OSU in the two following years, they never were the same again (did they even win the Pac 10 once after that?) and we've managed to actually improve.

Comment 17 Jun 2020

My Dad was 3 at the time of the 1935 game...and still mumbled about how something nefarious had happened in the Irish huddle. Must've been some HIS grandfather (Who was acquainted to some extent with John Wilce) told him as a kid Shame that he died 9 years too early to see the revenge. I like to think he did.

Comment 02 Feb 2020

Ah, that helps to know that Coach Stuart DID spend time on Bruce's staff. So yes, whatever it was must've not been too bad or was mended. Thanks for clarifying that! Maybe someone later will post with a clearer perspective on the story than me.

Comment 02 Feb 2020

True, I was at Eastmoor when Mike Boren announced he was going to UM and coach Bob Stuart (who was very close to Woody) put the white stripes on the helmets. Only years later did I hear of the rift between Stuart and Earle and now learning it was endemic in Ohio.

Comment 01 Feb 2020

Ah! The answer I was looking for. But the Big freakin' ten?! My heart broke a little when they fired him. He was my Dad's age, and I had lost my Dad a few months before. I'll never forget when TBDBITL showed up at his house, the tv news report welled me up!

But yes, it was time for a change. I had very high hopes for Cooper. And he DID improve the program until things went soft at the end (that last bowl loss to So Car was ugly). 

Also interesting how the EB coaching search was a CF as someone said. I was 14, but do remember how many people in Columbus were very disappointed. Disappointment soon and probably prematurely wiped out by the 11-0 season and a narrow loss to SoCal for the NC. 

Best of all, it's clear the program is in far better shape than it was in '79. I'll credit it to Urban, and the fact he was able to set it up right! It could be said the last few years of Woody we were already in decline. I heard him admit to it on TV a few years before he died: that he had held on too long.