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Comment 17 May 2012

There's something in there for every school:

  • A custom "It Gets Better" campaign video from Will Muschamp to Gator fans (for Florida)
  • Unseen footage from "The Blind Side" where Michael Oher's character, Tim McGraw, and Lou Holtz play the most erotic game of Twister you've ever seen (for Ole Miss)
  • Your fiance, because Bobby Petrino didn't know where else to take her without his motorcycle (for Arkansas)
  • A "no women allowed ever" promise (for Texas A&M)
  • A bowl of finger nail clippings, night-vision goggles and a $50 gift card to a KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant (for LSU, because Les Miles)
  • A countdown clock to the minute basketball season tips off (for Kentucky)
  • A TI-83+ calculator, charts and other smart shit (for Vanderbilt)
  • Rich Rodriguez's last, dying breath (for Mississippi State)
  • Every "Deal With It" gif the internet has ever made in response to the 2010 college football season (for Auburn)
  • A book titled "Managing the Hot Seat and Trolling the Hell out of Everyone With a 10 Win Season" by Mark Richt  (for Georgia)
  • A functional quarterback that Steve Spurrier doesn't passionately hate (for South Carolina)
  • Magic tricks, because entertaining small children is Nick Saban's hidden and surprising passion (for Alabama)
  • A sign that reads, "You Totally Matter!" (for Missouri)
  • An edited version of the movie "Final Destination" where every doomed character is played by Derek Dooley (for Tennessee, because my God they deserve that)