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Comment 14 Nov 2016

All I know - If OSU wins the next 2 - they are not moving from the 2 spot and in fact it will be a big gap between 2 and 3.

Not playing  he B10 championship game is a benefit to the Buckeyes avoids a chance for a loss.

The question is whether you have 2 ACC teams or 2 Big Ten teams in the Final Four: but OSU will be the 1st team.

Comment 09 Aug 2016

Football Outsiders did a great job breaking down Hackenberg- the Jets should have read this article.   They showed how is Freshman success was in large part to Allen Robinson bailing him out and he has always been extremely inaccurate combined with slow feet.

One stat he was about 80 percent accurate on WR screens- the easiest throw in the playbook.   Also in Bosa signature play- what do 95 percent of Quarterbacks do when they see a RB getting bull rushed- take 2 lateral steps and he would have been able to complete a pass.   Penn State looked 100 percent better when he left the Bowl Game last year.   They actually have real nice talent at WR and RB- the offensive line was getting better.   I saw Hackenberg as more the problem for Penn St.  and I have a feeling PSU may surprise this year.

Comment 18 May 2016

Overall- pretty standard list similar or shorter than most Universities.

Jamal Dean is the one situation that does seem strange.   Not a case of oversigning because the made the Medical Hardship Decision before the brought in another DB recruit.  

But strange they didn't offer a regular redshirt or second opinion.   I have to believe at some point the relationship between the coaching staff and Dean was fractured- for reasons that have not been made public. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Yes- OL recruiting and development as been a huge area of improvement under Urban.   The kids he inherited improved dramatically and Taylor Decker will be the first in a long line of OL OSU linemen drafted in the 1st 2 rounds.

The numbers:   2017  OT Josh Meyers 5 star 1 Position:  Jake Moretti 4 Star 11th Position  2016:  Michael Jordan 4 Star  13th Position: Malcom Pridgeon 3 Position JUCO.  Gavin Cupp 3 Star 40th Position.  2015 Isaiah Prince 4 Star 7th Position:  Grant Schmidt 3 Star  52 Position.   When you have this stable of studs in 3 classes:  Urban is not going to spend a lot of time sweet talking this kid.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Track is much better for Football Players in the Spring than Spring Football.   Throwing the weights is perfect to build power, quickness and balance.   I have a relative that is a HS football coach and he hates the Spring Football scene.   Players are getting questionable coaching, paying fees that are not warranted when they should be building strength and speed in the track program.

They had a kid recently graduated from Akron that is a FA Seattle- went back to his High School and told the team he wished he would have participated in track in High School.   His eyes were opened when he worked out with the track team in preparation for his Pro Day saw major improvement in his speed numbers in one month.