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Comment 02 Sep 2015

Thanks Ramzy - both for the reminders of life in Champaign (2005-2011) and of my dad, with whom I went to many a worship service at the Cathedral for the Holy Buckeye.  I lost him in 2009 to cancer while on my way back to Illinois from Columbus after a visit and a friend's wedding.

Admittedly, memory is a strange thing.  One memory I'll cling to is going fishing one October afternoon and listening to a Cooper-led Buckeye team fall to the Illini - must've been '89 or '91.

Prayers for your inlaws, and for you.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

You're missing the real story.

Saturday, 12pm.  MIT brings their first-ever NEFC conference championship and first-ever playoff berth to Bangor, ME, to take on Husson in a clash of D-III middleweights.  Game will be livestreamed by Husson.