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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Broadcasting the 2008 Illinois vs. Ohio State game from Memorial Stadium (Illinois). When Beanie Wells jumped over the defender, I jumped up and screamed, which was the most unprofessional thing to do in the press box. All the Illinois media stared me down for a while, but how could you not get excited for that?
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Evan Turner and Kenyon Martin
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Only like hockey at playoff time
  • NBA TEAM: Any team with Buckeye Alums (I like UC alums too)
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 31 Aug 2014

Too much focus on all the negatives of this game from OSU writers. 

Navy is a good team and will likely win 8-10 games with a win over ND. It's tough to prepare for that offense and while our O-line was below par, we moved the ball fairly easily when we called the right plays. Focusing on the positives, Jalin and Dontre can make up for Braxton's athleticsm and every team will have to respect both sides of the field while we are on offense. 

I'm confident we will see our D-line dominate against a more traditional offense in VT. 

JT was impressive outside of his one blatant mistake. He looks comfortable in the game and never really got frazzled like many young QBs. He can only get better with confidence. 

Comment 22 Aug 2013

Great news! This guy is awesome.

Sometimes you watch a Youtube of a recruit and you think, "okay, he looks the same as all other high major players" but Mitchell's are above and beyond.

Looking forward to continuing success in BuckBK.

Comment 13 Feb 2013

Hoke: I just had that new Indian spot on campus.

Dantonio: And..?

Hoke: Just crushed Izzo's private toilet in his office. Thing's built for midgets.

Dantonio: Oh, food's that bad?

Hoke: No, I sat on the toilet, it came off the wall and was crushed into pieces.

Comment 13 Feb 2013

Hoke: Sigh

Dantonio: What's wrong, Brady?

Hoke: Denard - ESPN already told me that they're paying him to sit in the student section at every Michigan home game, so they can show him during every big play this football season.

Dantonio: That guy has gotta get a job. Why don't they just pan over the student section?

Hoke: Have you seen our students?....yeesh.

Comment 28 Nov 2012

Buckeyes will need a role player to step up big time tonight! You know Coach K will devise some sort of D to try to stop DT.

I'm thinking Lenzelle will come through and put up about 18 tonight.

Comment 07 Nov 2012

I'm a big fan of the 2 seed. Out of the spotlight and the opportunity to play a inferior #1 seed in the Elite 8 (i.e. Syracuse).

Comment 17 Oct 2012

It all rides on Amir, LaQuinton, and our young guys stepping up (Thompson, Scott, etc.). There is no reason why this team can't win the conference.

Buckeyes have better talent than the rest of the conference, hands down. Crean may have some seniors, but are they good? Jordy Hulls couldn't defend a third grader.

Comment 19 Aug 2012

Agreed 100%. Urban loves the motivational tactics and uses a similar tactic in recruiting.

He'll often offer guys just to get his main target. Genious.

Comment 19 Aug 2012

Could you imagine Kenny Guiton lining up under center and Braxton taking a sweep?

I would think that'd be a little bit dangerous for our QB.