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Comment 05 Apr 2016
I interrupt your losing for the following important message: I am The Dave, which makes me The Winner and all of you The Losers. For my prize, I want a five-year postseason ban on all Michigan St. athletic teams as punishment for the way they shit the bed in the two biggest postseason events of this school year. That is all. Now back to your losing.
Comment 03 Dec 2015
I love this schedule. You guys are right. This should pay huge dividends in the future. Playing the best only makes you better. That's the nice thing about non-football sports. It's OK to lose a few games.
Comment 03 Jan 2015
Think about all the executives that you've seen representing either a conference, bowl game, or major bowl game sponsor. Now think about how many of them were under 50, or not white, or female, or not pretty rich. To your point more specifically, being white has nothing to do with it. It's just that everyone in that group happens to be white. It's a pretty reliable identifying characteristic of the group at large.
Comment 03 Jan 2015

Funny to think about all those old, rich, status quo, white dudes that pretended to believe a playoff would be bad for college football in order to protect their own self-interest.  And ironically one of the biggest beneficiaries of the playoff was the leader of that opposition movement was none other than B1G Commissioner Jim Delaney.  Hopefully an interviewer at some point in the near future will call him out on his B.S.

Can't wait to see how much coin MSU and OSU's games dump into the B1G coffers.  Maybe Iowa can use their share to buy out Ferentz.

Comment 10 Oct 2014
An undefeated or one-loss Notre Dame will be "the playoff team from that part of the country"
Comment 20 Nov 2012
Here's an interesting take on expansion from highly regarded stat geek Nate Silver. http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/11/20/expanding-eastward-could-dilute-big-ten-brand/
Comment 09 Nov 2012
The backup plan in case of rain was McAlister Field House ( the Citadel's arena). Guess it was too difficult to move things there after the game had started. Weren't there some condensation problems in San Diego last year? Obviously not as bad, but I seem to remenber them wiping down the floor a few times.
Comment 28 Jun 2012
Are you kidding? Atlanta would be a great place for one of the bowl games. You want Buckeye fans to travel, don't you? It doesn't get much easier than Atlanta.
Comment 19 Mar 2012

I wonder why there's never been an annual "Battle of Ohio" basketball tournament put together?  How great would it be to have a tournament played in Ohio that consists of eight teams from the state.  Maybe do it the last weekend of the preseason before everyone gets into conference play and college football is in the doldrums.

Every year you could have the three big boys (Ohio St, Cincy, Xavier) plus 5 other teams like Dayton, Ohio, etc. playing each other to be King of Ohio.  Guarantee every team three games, so that even the losers on the first day get to play on the last day.  Rotate the location of the tourney each year.   I'm sure it will never happen because it always seems to boil down to Ohio St admins being too chicken-shit to actuallly schedule any serious in-state competition.  But man, it would be great.

Comment 08 Mar 2012

All these schools being thrown out there are a smokescreen.  Jim Delaney gets what Jim Delaney wants.  Jim Delaney wants Texas and Jim Delaney wants 16 teams.  So Jim Delaney gets Texas and brings Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, and adds Kansas just to make an even 16.   The Big16 then owns the Midwest from Canada to Mexico.

Comment 08 Jul 2011

Did you hear that no one gives a shit about the football team this year!!