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I am a Father of 3 Daughters. Yea I know! Served 20 years in the US Army. I gave up on the NFL in 1993. Discovered my passion for being a Buckeye fan during the 1995 Michigan game. A negative experience but it stoked the fires inside of me. From there on I was hooked to Buckeye Football and my hatred for Michigan grew.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My first moment was Joe Germaine to David Boston for a TD to clinch the 1997 Rose Bowl. Favorite would be the 4th down against Miami to win the National Championship. That was the first Buckeye National Championships in my life and not the only one:-)
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: What's Soccer?

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Comment 27 Jun 2019
With the NCAA looking ban California schools from post season play. Probably won't happen.
Comment 27 Jun 2019
2014: Hands down. Lost early and the pressure was off. Watched them get better every game after that. Next thing ya know I'm screaming in the parking lot after we won the National Title. 1996: My first season watching the Buckeyes. Fell in love with OSU and CFB. Agony over loss to Michigan still haunts me. But that Rose Bowl Game sent me through the roof with happiness. 2002: Would be number one for me but the games were so stressful. Watched the game in Clarksville Tennessee with my buddy from Ohio who was a Miami fan. But a great ending and National Champions. 1998: Team was loaded. Cooper found a way to lose again. I knew after that season we would never win a National Title or beat Michigan until he was gone. Honorable meation: 2012
Comment 19 Jun 2019
What is it with OSU in 2nd half Bowl games? *Not including overtime 1995 Citrus 3 points 1996 Citrus 7 points 1999 Sugar 0 points 2001 Outback 7 points 2003 Fiesta 3 points 2007 BCS NCG 0 points 2011 Sugar 3 points 2016 Fiesta 0 points 2017 Cotton 0 points 2019 Rose 7 points
Comment 28 Apr 2019
Why are you only counting AP titles? The 1957 National Title Team are Champions. Coaches/UPI just as legit. Alabama 12 Titles Notre Dame 8 Titles Oklahoma 7 Titles USC 7 Titles OSU 6 Titles Really pissed me off we are below those 4 programs. We should at least be tied for 3rd!
Comment 10 Jan 2019
I never thought he was an ass. He basically won us the 2002 NC with his defense. I will forever be grateful. Yes I know about 2013 and 2015.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
I don't blame him. Some people are competitive. Some times you need a break too. Drake threw him under the bus so if goes on to coach again so be it.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
I don't see a 2 loss Oklahoma or possibly a 3 loss Georgia either. I guess #3 will have to do. 1. NCG Winner 2. NCG Loser 3. Rose Bowl winner OSU 4. Notre Dame 5. Oklahoma
Comment 18 Dec 2018
"Then again, Delany is a well-documented advocate for the Rose Bowl being the biggest end game of them all" I despise that man with all that I am. Can someone tell him it's not the 1970's? Ohio State shoots for National Titles not Rose Bowls(unless it's part of the playoff). This isn't Bo Schembecler and his Michigan Wolverines!
Comment 14 Dec 2018
Just like they went after Tressel multiple times and Urban Meyer. The media will go after Ryan Day for something. They will dig deep if he becomes too successful. You watch!
Comment 30 Nov 2018
The AFCA(guys that award the Crystal Football) have decided to retroactively award the Crystal Football National Championship to teams from 1922-1949. So far only Oklahoma State has been awarded a title(1945). If OSU fans can push the Athletic Department to claim the 1942 and 1944 National Titles. Yes we did win the 1942 AP National Title. But it would be nice to replace that title with a Crystal Football. Ohio State never retroactively awarded itself the National Titles from 1961 and 1970. They were excepted the year they were awarded.