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Comment 19 Sep 2013

Elika, you speak so eloquently and make several good points. However, I take issue with one thing you said:

"Whether we call it flip-flopping or evolution... is it so wrong to learn from mistakes and grow up?"

Do you really believe guys like Pat Forde have learned from their mistakes and grown up? I know, you'll chalk this up as me being an OSU homer, but I think certain guys like Forde have it out for OSU for whatever reason. I think if DJ Fluker played at OSU and Yahoo had all this documented proof he was on the take, it would be the lead story on ESPN and every other major sports media outlet. Alabama? It magically goes away, just like T-Town Menswear (Julio Jones with a new 3-piece suit for each game) and the rampant black market memorabilia situation where there was proof Alabama boosters were paying players for autographs. 

So, perhaps guys like Forde have grown up, learned from their mistakes. But unfortunately, I think there is more to the story. There is a complete double-standard where anything that happens at Ohio State is a "scandal" and anything that goes on in the SEC is glossed over. Cam Newton's dad admits he's shopping him around to the highest bidder ... and nothing happens? It's really quite amazing.

Comment 18 Sep 2013

Ramzy my man, a fantastic read. Nothing less is expected out of you.

We're currently throwing a party in your honor over at Bucknuts. So very well said. Amazing how Forde, et al had so much "fake outrage" as you so beautifully put it regarding the OSU situation, but aren't bothered at all by the fact there is documented proof that the back-to-back national champions, Alabama, were playing with a player who was on the take for several thousands of dollars.

Evolution, indeed!

(Had to come over here and personally give you props. One of the best stories I've read in quite some time. You keep a level head, while dropping truth bombs left and right. Well done, sir.)

EDIT: Kudos to Jason as well, who contributed to the piece.