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Comment 29 Jul 2016

I wore a mchigan hat for two years in 1990-91. I was in 4-5 grade. I grew up in worthington

Comment 31 Mar 2012
+1 Also, I look forward to Crafty, Thomas and Sully back next year. Willie B had a good run but was too inconsistent. I wish him luck. How's Matta's recruiting class next year?
Comment 04 Mar 2012
Don't know if I was a hater, but I sure as hell criticized WB when he averaged about four points a game when we needed him. The criticism was that he blew up against the B1G basement dwellers but choked against better teams. So yes, I feel good that WB rocked , and I hope he keeps it up. And let's not leave Revenal out of the love fest. O-H-
Comment 18 Feb 2012
What is Buford adding to the game right now? I don't understand why he is on the floor.