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Comment 29 Dec 2019

This loss hurts. The refs stole the game from us. We had some bad breaks across the board. In their newsletter this AM the Banner Society guys pointed out that the real turning point was Day's call to punt late in the 4th rather than try and let JK or Fields get the 4 yards needed to seal the game. I don't know.

Nevertheless, it was a great season. Our seniors should be proud. We've got a great class coming in and a lot of stars coming back next year. We'll revenge this loss in 12 months.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Absolutely right on our playcalling getting conservative ath the end. we had our foot on the pedal for most of the game and were mopping the floor with them everywhere except in the red zone. We need to remember that.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

This wouldn't be close if we had scored TDs rather than FGs. That's on us. 

Comment 07 Dec 2019

One thing I've loved about Day all season is that there never seemed to be any letup by the team. We played all four quarters every game. We didn't play down to our opponent. Until now. I'm struggling to understand what is going on here. Our O-line and linebackers are barely trying. We seem to have forgotten how to tackle. We have no pass pressure. JK is doing little.

We better hope for some epic halftime adjustments.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Would have said it was all holding earlier but am starting to agree with this. He's not getting off the ball as quick as usual

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Unlike in the Myer years this team has not had a "let down" quarter and I doubt it will happen in the 4th against TTUN