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Comment 15 Oct 2019

I’m not a fan of dreadlocks either but it’s nothing racist. I just don’t like the style (although I would never tell anyone what to do with their hair). I was going to argue that it doesn’t automatically make the guy a racist, but then I read more of the letter. Never mind.

Comment 11 Oct 2019

Maybe I’m being a jerk, but I’m not a fan of recommending top flight recruits go elsewhere. I respect an honest opinion and this is the authors  space for it, but I don’t think it’s the best way to keep readers. Imagine if someone was on here publishing a story endorsing Zach Harrison to TTUN last year. He should expand his horizons, OSU is too deep at DE, etc. Not that anyone cares, but it’s my opinion.

Comment 10 Oct 2019

I like the black uniforms once a year, but please stop the black out. Stadium looks empty. The exact opposite of what you want. All scarlet and give out grey Pom poms to everyone.

Comment 09 Oct 2019

He needs to go back in time and catch that pick 6 he dropped earlier in the year. Also we can remove the names from the back of the jerseys and hope he gets credit for what Dobbins is doing on offense.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Teague is a nice change of pace after the Defense is already worn down. His time will come, but Dobbins looks like one of the best RB’s in the country right now. 

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Why do you say that Stroud > Miller? Because he out played Miller in shorts, without any lineman, and while Miller was injured? I remember when Zwick > Smith and we remember how that turned out. Also out of the two, only one is a Buckeye right now. Hopefully we get the chance to let these two battle it out on the field before any proclamations are made.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

How does anyone not have Clemson in the playoffs? There is nobody on their schedule that will beat them. I would love to be wrong but I don’t see it. The good news is the possibility that we could meet them in the playoffs, throttle them, and then in the post game press conference Day can say, when we put on their film I thought, oh boy, they are in trouble. Added bonus, watching Chase Young and Company blow past Jackson Carman all night long. 

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Fields is just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. The defense has played extremely well but has missed a few opportunities and the offense has left a lot of points on the field. There’s plenty of room to grow.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

It looked like ttun kept sending three rushers to the side of the formation that didn’t have TE in tight. That left the Iowa RB to try and consistently block a much larger rusher. We are still waiting for Iowa to adjust. 

This continues the narrative that ttun swallows bad teams but god teams that give an extra second of protection will pick them apart.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

No Bradford? That sucks. Obviously I missed something.

 I don’t think OSU needs an elite back, but it sure would be nice. 

Comment 06 Oct 2019

This staff seems to have everyone reaching towards their potential. Victor, Myers, Dobbins, Teague, Browning, Wade, and Arnette all jump out to me. I remember reading that Zach Harrison has all the measurables but he won’t contribute much his Freshman year because he’s very raw, but the guy is rotating in, getting meaningful reps and at this pace he and Tyreke Smith will tear up backfields next year. The development of these guys is as strong as I can remember. I love this staff.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

I wish guys would shake hands after each play instead of waiting until after the game. Celebrating a play is just showing off. 

Comment 06 Oct 2019

Wiltfong was really down on Miller on Thursday’s BM5. I like the kid as a prospect but I fully support bringing in Stroud and let the best man win. The loser can go to LSU or Florida and be their missing link. Not a shot at Burrow. I have tons of respect for the guy and I’m hoping he can take down Bama and the rest of the SEC this year.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

It’s fun to speculate, but I’ve finally reached the point where I’m not even concerned. This team is so deep that I don’t even notice when some of the backups are rotated in. I didn’t even realize Arnette didn’t play in the second half. You can already see Zach Harrison’s improvement through the season and I think Tyreke Smith is an absolute beast. This has been one of the best seasons to just sit back, watch, and appreciate the talent that is all over the field. - I think Wade and Munford are gone (in addition to the locks) and Browning comes back.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

The officiating was horrible and one-sided all night. The only penalties called against MSU were false starts and illegal formations -stuff that isn’t discretionary. Are they out to get OSU?...No but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating, especially when guys literally have two arms wrapped around Chase Young and holding him.

The only thing worse than the call on Browning (and stealing away Jordan Fuller’s TD on homecoming) was the tv official trying to say it’s a good call.

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Gutsy call and since they made it, it was the right one. However, a little over 4 minutes to go in the game, up 11, UC has all of the momentum and they take over the ball after a punt on UCF’s 42. UCF has 8 men in the box and you go up the gut three plays in a row. Again it was the right call since they won, but at that point in the game I think you have to run a bootleg with an option to throw or run, or just dial up a pass play. The old jump pass that Kelce took to the house that one time would have been good. I don’t know. You have to do something to knockout the champ. I was wrong this time, but I think sometimes you have to say screw the percentages and go take the game.

Comment 04 Oct 2019

I read your comment right before I turned the game on and I was thinking they might try jumping a route since they had them pinned and sure enough, pick 6. Nice call.

Comment 04 Oct 2019

I think the best example of his coaching development is Arnette. I wasn’t sure the guy would even play much this year but he’s out there tearing it up. I remember watching a YouTube video of a ttun fan talking about attacking osu’s defense and going directly at #3. Good luck. I see a lot of 3-and-out’s and a pick coming if that’s your plan.

The biggest compliment I can give Hafley is this, He might be as good or even better than the legendary Coach Coombs.

Comment 04 Oct 2019

The national media loves the SEC...loves them. I do think it’s possible that a 1 loss non-champ SEC team gets in over an undefeated conference champ, IF the one loss team is Alabama and Tua didn’t play in the game they lost or it was some sort of fluke play that cost them the game.

I don’t think they could leave out OSU this year unless OSU starts playing bad and just scraping by, but maybe Clemson could be left out because of their schedule being so weak or possibly Oklahoma because the Big 12 doesn’t like defense. 

The way I see it, Big Ten, ACC, and Big 12 have their spot in the playoff if they go undefeated. Lose and your spot goes to an SEC school. Let’s say Texas beats OU and FSU somehow beats Clemson. The the playoff will be Big Ten Champ, SEC champ, and any SEC teams with 1 loss. - The SEC keeps sucking ass in bowl games (except Bama) but every year the media forgets they were over-rated and over-rates them again.