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Comment 24 May 2019

Is it curious to anyone that they took a polygraph test, but the article doesn't say whether they passed said test?

Or is taking the test enough to establish innocence?

Comment 22 May 2019
We almost recovered the opening kickoff for a TD. The Bama player just let it bounce, didn't field it, and our guys were almost there before the other Bama returner grabbed it in the end zone. Cardale was money on the last few drives of the 2nd quarter. Especially when we were down 21-6, he converted some huge 3rd downs with clutch throws.
Comment 21 May 2019
Once the jury was selected it was over. They would have never voted to convict even with video proof. The ESPN documentary a few years ago by Ezra Edelman was outstanding and lays out the whole OJ saga brilliantly.
Comment 21 May 2019
Not trying to jack the thread here, but the physical evidence was on OJ's clothes, in his vehicle, on the floor of his house (aka footprints), at the murder scene, and on and on. In other words it was overwhelming.
Comment 20 May 2019
A good staple vegetable is spinach. Doesn't always have to be eaten in raw salad form, it's very versatile and can be chopped or steamed or sauteed and mixed with a lot of different foods. Don't put aside resistance training completely. Healthy lean mass will keep the metabolism going, along with other benefits.
Comment 18 May 2019
This a perfectly logical and thoughtful statement. Totally unworthy of the ridiculous downvotes. What bothers me about the investigation is it finds generic "Ohio State" at fault. Who specifically ignored this? Who was told and did nothing? We know who the culprits were at Penn State, we know who enabled Nasser. Individual people are responsible and should be held accountable.
Comment 18 May 2019
Correct. The choice of words in a headline is an editorial one. "Former football players" is way too boring and generates fewer clicks than just saying "OSU football players". One might think our starting O lineman, backup Safety, and freshman WR were alleging abuse.
Comment 17 May 2019
Laimbeer was the first I truly hated. Players hated him too. It's amazing he made it out of the league in one piece. Draymond is dirty but not as bad as Laimbeer. His worst trait is the whining and tantrums. He really should start every game with a default technical. Then when he earns one in the first quarter, he gets thrown out.
Comment 15 May 2019

That can only mean three things:

1.  A plethora of overreacting, hyperbolic hot takes regarding Heisman leaders and potential CFP participants

2.  Herbie and Fowler cementing their roles as overrated, underperforming broadcasters

3.  Buckeyes start 3-0 while playing earlier in the day

Comment 14 May 2019
Top five is still good for this draft. I'd like to see a versatile wing like RJ Barrett or Jarrett Culver from Texas Tech. Culver looks like he can develop into a future star. If the Cavs didn't already have Sexton I'd take a long look at Ja Morant.
Comment 10 May 2019

This is true.  For whatever reason we never adjusted after he went down.

At least we have the opening kickoff for nostalgia's sake.

Comment 10 May 2019

So it's your fault for not heading straight over to said party and demanding those players go home and rest.  With a motivational speech

Comment 09 May 2019
Marcia Clark the OJ prosecutor was born in 1953. Making her marriage to Frazier highly unlikely. I suspect that's someone else.
Comment 08 May 2019
I remember Knicks-Rockets in '94. If Starks doesn't go 2-73 in Game 7 the Knicks might have won it. Not a Knicks fan but I never hated them like I did the Bad Boys Pistons teams. The Bulls-Knicks series in 92-93-94 were all time great playoff basketball.
Comment 06 May 2019

I would change the 2015 UM-MSU game.  Let the UM punter field the snap cleanly and get off a 40 yarder before time expires and Spartly loses.  We could still lose to Sparty and play in the Big10 title game (assuming Sparty still has that 2nd loss to whoever it was).  We get our wake up call, drub Michigan, win the Big10, hammer Dabo in the semis, and win an all-time classic over Bama in the final 48-47.