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Comment 16 Jul 2019
Stories like this make me lament the fact that I have only but 1 upvote to give. Thanks for sharing. My in-laws were married shortly after the Apollo landing so we're about to celebrate their 50th real soon.
Comment 10 Jul 2019

If someone were a member of the German grammar police, they might say that the proper term should be "Die Hand".  But since the player in question is masculine, maybe it should be "Der Hand".  On second thought, "Das Hand" is a good compromise.

Comment 08 Jul 2019
Just out of curiosity, does that Twitter account target everyone equally or just certain people? What made Shea Patterson their target here?
Comment 08 Jul 2019
Yes to everything except "talks progressed". Urban didn't have to talk to anyone for USC to offer something to gauge his interest.
Comment 08 Jul 2019
This all sounds plausible. Urban has earned the right to do whatever he wants, hopefully he listens to his body (and his wife).
Comment 07 Jul 2019
It's like the great Abraham Lincoln once said, "A fake tweet screenshot will get halfway around the world before the truth even has a chance to put its pants on".
Comment 05 Jul 2019
That's such a great story that I feel bad for saying that the past tense of "lead" is "led". I think the reason App St was so great for OSU fans is that the wounds from the beatdown in Glendale, AZ earlier that January were still fresh.
Comment 30 Jun 2019
Steph could score 40 a game but without another offensive threat he'll wear down quickly. It's amazing how much energy one can save when you two other top-notch scorers to lean on.
Comment 30 Jun 2019
Not sure how much of a shot the Knicks had anyway. The national media just wants them to have a shot. This makes things interesting for DeAngelo Russell. Lakers are making their pitch but he might prefer Minnesota.