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Comment 09 Aug 2020
As far as the legal liability argument goes, I don't see how that holds so much weight. Players can opt out and are in fact opting out of playing football this season. Nobody is forcing them to play or holding a gun to their heads. I would bet the vast majority would do anything to have a season and are more than willing to assume the risks. That does not sound like a recipe for lawsuits to this non-lawyer's brain.
Comment 19 Jul 2020
They will be continuing their tradition of boycotting College Football Playoff appearances.
Comment 12 Jul 2020
Losing Beanie Wells before the '08 trip to the Coliseum was painful. Don't think OSU would've won but we missed out on seeing him play against some of the best of SC's defense.
Comment 11 Jun 2020
No issue with Seth and his protests. I just want to know which athlete or famous person will be the first to say the names of the police officers killed by violent mobs the past two weeks, or condemn the violence and looting and destruction of our cities? As a society we have to walk and chew gum at the same time. I.e., condemn police brutality AND mob violence.
Comment 04 Jun 2020
Mony Mony by Billy Idol. Any enhanced interrogation technique involving that song would make me spill everything I know in 10 seconds.