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Comment 11 Sep 2019
Even the current AP poll reflects this. Aside from LSU, does anyone see another playoff contender beyond the top 6 (Clemson, Bama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio St)? The same programs are running away in recruiting.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
With waterboarding on the way out, this maybe a successful new method of getting bad guys to talk.
Comment 07 Sep 2019
The loss to Sparty alone did not keep us out. It was really two of the flukiest plays in history: 1) Sparty's blocked punt vs TTUN 2) Arkansas beating Ole Miss after a 4th and 20-ish conversion on a crazy lateral. If Ole Miss had won they would've won their division, not Bama. So technically Bama did not "take care of their business", they lost to a divisonal opponent (like OSU) and got lucky.
Comment 31 Aug 2019
After listening to Herbie and Fowler slobber over Auburn for a few hours, I can't help but wonder: did Bo Nix dream of playing for Auburn as a little kid and was his dad a QB at Auburn. Cause after they said it 8,000 times it's still unclear.
Comment 26 Aug 2019
My personal strategy is to never exclude a conference from the playoffs after week 1. Sincerely Clay Travis
Comment 24 Aug 2019
Is it bad that when I read the title I thought this was going to be another Harbaugh thread?
Comment 23 Aug 2019
Clemson's win over OSU was at the end of the 2016 season. Gary was a true freshman when Curtis Samuel scored the winning TD in overtime.