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Comment 13 Apr 2019

Advanced run blocking skill set for an interior lineman.

Very well coached and he has great feet.

If his pass blocking is as good as his rush blocking. he is a definite keeper.

Looks terribly under rated

Comment 23 Nov 2018

1) They don't know what it takes to beat Ohio State, nobody on their roster has been able to do it

It may seem like a small item but it does matter, especially when it is your rival

2) Refer to #1 when adversity hits them, it is going to happen and they will not respond well

Hairball will stand there with his mouth wide open, trying to figure out what just hit him

3) Their offense, while solid, is not scary and not a quick scoring threat other than Peoples-Jones, he scares me

We will hold them down if we stop the big play and force them to go all the way down the field

Higdon, when guaranteeing the victory, was not sure of it himself, and had to look to Patterson to get the ok. See point #1

4) Their defense while very good, has issues with screens and crossing routes. Our bread and butter.

Tomorrow will be a bad day to be a wolverine

Bucks win 24-20!

Comment 05 Jul 2017

Reading the comments from Carmen were a little puzzling at first

After thinking about some more, they make more sense

He is the #1 recruit in Ohio, the only 5 star and deserving of the lofty ratings

He is a stud, and  with all that goes a certain amount of entitlement

He wants to be treated as one of the very best in the nation, because he is

Reminds me a lot of another great offensive tackle that left the state to go to Tennessee

My hope is that he can grow to see past the need for "love" to become an important piece of the greatest class of all time

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Class act

His position group will be one of the best in the whole country with 8-10 players seeing time


Comment 09 Dec 2016


Impressive film, that kid can play

Fantastic job by his teammates with the downfield blocking in a lot of those clips

But, he has great feet, cuts very quickly on a dime, good vision, and exceptional balance, very rarely took a clean hit.

He can help the Bucks on the scout team and hopefully as a returner