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Relocated to Pittsburgh and greatly miss casual OSU football small talk.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ryan Shazier causing Monte Ball to fumble on the goal line. Katzenmoyer hitting the Missouri QB so hard he was erased from space and time is a close second.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace. People that big shouldn't be that fast. Among recent players it would be JK Dobbins.
  • NFL TEAM: Whichever team is playing with the most Buckeyes.

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Comment 6 hours ago
Very fair point. The only counter I have is the limitations are as much to slow the spread as to prevent low risk people from getting it. I'm also low risk but one of my employees has a boyfriend who is high risk so I'm extra cautious around her. You re fortunate to be in an area with low cases. Stay safe.
Comment 7 hours ago
The point about gyms is a good one. Lots of businesses are open. What about the kid working extra hours at the grocery store to cover the demand? I work in very close quarters with six people. Most of the players want to play. Let them play if they want. My fear is that as long as the acceptable risk is no one gets it ever we will all be healthy in an economic wasteland. Anyone willing to accept the risk should be allowed to play.
Comment 07 Aug 2020
Day taking the high road is definitely the right approach. One of the coolest things I've ever heard was Meyer's speech about the rivalry last year. He said respect it every day. As fun as the "hang a 100 on them" is it has the potential to be a revenge tour like swagger / shit talk which doesn't feel like respect the rivalry. Holy shit just thinking about that speech makes me want to run through a wall. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2019/07/105065/how-do-you-respect-a-rivalry-urban-meyer-final-gold-pants-speech