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Comment 08 Sep 2017

This clown can't even troll right. I went on over to his ghost town of a website and it seems the only thing they want to do is trolololol OSU. Thing is there's not comments on any of his posts because just like when he was on ESPN... Nobody cares what he has to say. He doesn't even have the audience he had at ESecPN where he already sounded like ambient noise. 

Comment 31 Dec 2016

We should only be down by 11... but our Kicker may be the only thing worse than our playcaling... Mike Weber between the tackes. And I'm proud of the D. Our Offense has just realy put them in an awful spot. But really I think it's just the playcalling.  I don't understand what the cohesion is with the playcalling. When Texas Tom was calling the plays it wasn't like this... there was a real offensive gameplan. At this point Meyer needs to take over playcalling duties until we can get a real OC. And our O-Line was better when Ed was just the OL coach. And guys my LSU friend here in GA was happy when coach stud left LSU. He was like "Enjoy that bro". Even then our O Line isn't losing this game for us it's just bad bad bad playcalling on the O side of the ball. 

Comment 14 Nov 2015
Sr the thing is when pass pro was broken and 12 was in there it was all 12. Bench 12. JT looked bad out there today. I've been saying all along the issues aren't with 12 and 16. It's there in the pass pro. Our run block is consistent but the pass block is scary. I'm hoping the slobs elevate the game this weekend. I'm believing they will too. Osu wins 38 - 21
Comment 14 Nov 2015

They want to tell me this offense would have been worse w/ 12 out there today. The pass pro is an issue and if we don't fix the pass pro this week it could be very problematic next week. We know the slobs re totally capable we've seen it before, but damn wouldn't it be nice to see the pass pro on the level of the run blocking from this line?

Comment 28 Sep 2015

In B1G play Zeke will get his. They used non conference to display things for other coaches to think about as well as test things they might not want to test out in B1G play. People can't expect the playcalling against WMU to look like the playcalling would against MSU or UofM. It's a process. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

People talk about JT Barrett like hes the second coming. If JT chews a receiver out it's leadership. CJ does it then he's losing his shit. Come off of it already. Stop reading into everything you see and expecting that it has some deep underlying meaning. Marshall ran a wrong rout or didn't. They had a discussion. As for why yell at a team mate? Same reason a CB does it to another if he gets burned for a TD. Watch Vonn Bell chew out one of the corners last year for a breakdown if you want to see this in action. Sheesh people. Meyer will name a starter and it'll probably be Cardale Jones. This community might implode if that happens. Who can blame them? All he did was get thrown to the wolves and win a natty. 

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Also if you don't think there is a pro JTB bias among the comment posters here you are crazy. If 12 was putting up 300 yards passing a game they'd still call for JT. Just look back to last year when we were winning the championship. People were still talking like they'd rather be seeing broken ankle JT. Why is this OL getting a pass and JT getting a pass for terrible play. And good lord for the love of god hand zeke the ball more. He's an 80 yard TD waiting to happen. Just watch the LSU auburn game for tips on how to hand the ball to the back. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

You know what sucks? Winning the natty and then having a fan base upset that you're the starter. Competing with a close friend for a high profile job that said fan base overwhelmingly wants you to lose. You might go tweet something. You might get frustrated. Zeke said it best by what he was not saying. 

Our OL couldn't open holes against the front of NIU. That's a huge problem. When the run game is working and the OL is blocking properly then Cardale Jones is the best fit for this offense. If the OL is not blocking well and the run game is not there to get play action working then JT is a bit more shifty and therefore a better fit.

I think the fans who call for JT should keep something in mind. JT has looked god awful. 97yards and a pick and honestly should have thrown three picks id the NIU DBs held onto them. He's locking onto his receivers. He's doing the same stuff the people who want 12 benched are complaining about. 

No QB will rescue this team. The offense needs to decide they want to show up just like the D and handle their business. Then it won't matter who starts. I wish both the QBs the best and I'm sure the O will get going here soon. Urban won't have that anemic offense for long. 

Comment 14 Sep 2015
Why can people not understand that coaching staff doesn't put together a comprehensive game plan for hawaii. They are going to keep it vanilla and try various things. In that regard scratch away. But we have one game where stuff doesn't roll at a perfect level and we start blaming playcalling and worryinf about the offense. We played on two days practice and 4 days rest and still won 38 nothing which os better than bama did against a worse opponent with a week to prep. Sheesh.
Comment 12 Sep 2015

Inside zone is an aspect of several offensive styles. My point is that Urban doesn't need to put in the best "option" QB. He only needs the QB to be a running threat enough to help equalize the numbers. Cardale offers enough of that obviously coach started him. What he also offers is the arm strength to go with it. The throw he made to Curtis samuel he was moving backwards and still threw the ball back behind the defender where Samuel had a chance to make a play on it. J.T. Can't make that throw. 

Also JT is not braxton with his shiftiness. There were times he would have been sacked that game where Cardale got away. So while JT does some things better it's clear that coach felt Jones offered more for that game at least.  Either way It's cool I'm fin with whoever UFM starts and JT is a champ. I guess what's bothered me is so many people second guessing coach on his choice. It's like an NFL board or something some times. 

Both the kids are great, but few people here have more football savvy than Urban. Hard to tell by some of the comments you read though. 

Comment 11 Sep 2015
Is osu an option team now? Here I was thinking we were an inside zone power running team. Sure we run some option and a lot when needed. Has anyone thought that urban may have run more option game with braxton out of necessity? I don't think he's evaluating based on who is the best fit for Oregon's offense. He wants to hit inside zone to pull up the safeties then hit over the top. Option football is a part of the equasion not the whole thing. Trust the staff ro know how to run their O.
Comment 11 Sep 2015
Because posting from a phone makes one illiterate? Now there is some good material. Facts are still facts. People here are crying for jt when jt is not. People don't want to believe cardale is the man so its tireless posts about why jt is better. That assumes the one saying that thinks they know better than the coaches who should play. This differs greatly from those of us who assumed jt would win but assume ufm knows what he's doing. Also yes comparatively to cardale jt played cupcakes. Tell me how that isn't true. I don't care who ufm starts where. I trust the guy and I'm cool with whatever decisions hes making until I have a legitimate reason not to.
Comment 11 Sep 2015
This idea that jt is a better decision maker comes from where. The four games cardale played against solid defenses and won? The fact he's seen lass action than jt but jt fanboys don't want to give him the same time to perfect his game? The fact that ufm started him? The guy is being evaluated based on jts performance vs a bunch of cupcakes. Just sit back and watch urban do his thing. If thays with cardale so be it. If ita with jt then ao be it. But truat urban ppl. He knows his players and system better than we humble or not so humble fans.
Comment 11 Sep 2015
This is because any of those defenses are better than bamas. Hes the top qb in his class for a reason. He started for a reason. Ufm wins nattys for a reason. Its because he is the best. If he starts dolo then question answered. Also jt got betrer as the season progresses. Cardale will as well. Just sit back kids and let urban make the calls.