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Comment 04 Jan 2017

While I agree the NCAA should do something about it, they are likely to ignore it just like the case with Joe Mixon breaking bones in that girl's face.  I thought there was a case where schools were penalized for "lack of institutional control"?  If it is as commonplace as this guy wants us to believe it is at Clemson, someone should be looking into the lack of institutional control.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I didn't get to watch the game until Sunday night.  One other thing that stuck out, and was mentioned by the TV announcers, was the lack of clock management late in the 4th quarter.  They obviously were not going to cover the spread, so they should have focused on maximizing clock usage when our offense had the ball.  The ball should have never been snapped until it was under 5 seconds on the play clock, yet we were snapping early, and even snapped with 20+ seconds on the clock for our last punt.  It should have been a steady diet of Zeke up the middle, not passing plays or other plays that could stop the clock.  This falls squarely on the coaching staff.  If we can't get the easy things like that right, it's not a surprise we're also struggling with play calling and player selection.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Our zone defense stymied Arizona for the first 8 minutes.  After that, they figured it out, and took us out to the woodshed for a whipping on the offensive glass.  No significant second half adjustment, and we got spanked as we should have.  But at least I'm done watching Amir play.  Ready for football season now.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

If he worked his ass off, why was Tate the primary defender on Kaminsky today?  We played a 6'4" guy against their 7 footer.  Tate worked his ass off the entire game.  Show me where Amir has given that level of effort and heart.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I agree that Amir isn't the only reason this team has underperformed, but he has been one of the most consistent underachievers throughout the year.  As a senior (along with the other seniors as well), he should be exhibiting leadership and motivation for this team.  He hasn't shown personal motivation let alone an ability to motivate others.  He had at least two bunny shots in the first half that he missed.  In previous games where he was in foul trouble, teams would just drive by him as they knew he wouldn't defend.  At that point, he should be on the bench if he isn't going to play defense either.

I can live with the DVs.  Amir has been a consistent under-performer and I'm not going to miss him.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Is anyone aware of why KDB has seen so little playing time in the last few games?  He had a string of games where he was producing the most points per minute played and now he has been relegated to trash time after the game is already decided.  Loving seems to have lost his mojo, and now KDB.  Guys that have shown an ability to light up the basket are now irrelevant.