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Comment 14 Nov 2016

We never, ever should have lost to Penn State.  WTF were we thinking?

My guess is that we were thinking...Let's go to the playoffs, but let's not win our division which would require an extra game.  I saw Urban whisper something to Durbin before he sent him out.  I suspect he told him to line drive it into the line so that it can be returned for a TD.  This gives us a "good" lose, because we lost by two blocked kicks, that doesn't penalize us too much and we still get to skip a grueling BT champ game.  Just speculation though.   

Comment 14 Nov 2016

I could support this, however, each team should be ranked by their conference standings.  Last place, only gets one ball.  In 14 team conference, the top team gets 14 balls.  This might encourage conference mergers so that we could have 20-30 team conferences, thus giving the conference champ even more balls to put in the pot.  

Comment 14 Nov 2016

I think there should be two playoffs.  One for division winners.  Another for the top 4 teams in the country.  The winner of each will be crowned co-National champs.  But only the conference champs will get an invite to the White House.  On the rare occasion that the conference champ is also in the top 4, then they must play in the conference champs playoff.  The top FCS team should then take their place in the top 4 bracket.