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Comment 07 Nov 2019

Let the "12" conferences fold.  When it happens, form 4 power conferences with 20 teams in 2 divisions. Division winners play for conference title which is essentially a playoff game. The 4 Conference champs play for the National Title. Tell those schools that want a chance to compete for a title to join a conference. No need to add any more games.  

For some further fun, allow each of the for conference to form a partnership with a smaller conference (i.e. Mac/Big Ten) and allow the bottom team(s) to be booted from conference replaced with the top team from the lower conference.  Bye bye Rutgers!

Comment 07 Nov 2019

This seems like the best solution. This would make conference champ still relevant, but still won't guarantee a spot. 

If there is no expansion to 8 teams, at least they should force independents into conferences and require conferences to have uniform scheduling practices. Another poster suggested that the whole season is a playoff which seems silly if I can schedule a FCS team late in the season every year.  

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I am neither here nor there on the playoffs, but Klatt's argument that it would lessen the importance of the regular season is weak since it is already a reality. LSU or Alabama can still make the playoffs with a loss this season. No team would blowoff in-conference game because they believe they could still make the playoffs.