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28 year old with a passion for Ohio State Athletics (Football, Basketball, etc...), Gaming, Gardening, and Drawing. Been a fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes since 5 years old after watching the Ohio State versus That Team Up North with my Dad. Aspiring Game Designer with a degree from Full Sail University.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Between three moments ... Ohio State's victory over Arizona State in the Rose Bowl, Ohio State's victory in overtime against favored University of Miami, and Ohio State's 42-39 victory against That Team Up North in the Battle of Century between #1 and #2.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 07 Feb 2018

ESECPN wet dream at the moment with all these kids signing with all SEC teams.

Comment 18 Jan 2018

So, Mel Kipers wants them to draft a kid with accurate issues, after drafting a kid with accurate issues in the 2nd round last year. Makes sense. Make it simple, draft the best player (if it's QB, fine) available at 1 and 4. Personally, I would take Darnold at #1 and Kitzpatrick at #4. While a lot of Browns fans want Barkley, I'm in the camp of using one of their 2nd round picks on Derrius Guice (if there), Sony Michel, or Ronald Jones along with Jamarco Jones (if he isn't taken yet) as the replacement or in-training LT for Joe Thomas.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

If they didn't go after Barkley, I could see Justin Jackson, Ronald Jones, or Sony Michel (especially after his playoff performances) as an unbelievable value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

I remember a lengthy kid in the class of 2014. Similar height (6'6'') and weight (225) to Jean-Baptiste and he turned out quite fine for the Buckeyes. Plus, at 2:19 in the highlight video above, that burst is insane, he's raw, needs weight put on, and coaching but he's got potential.

Comment 04 Jan 2018
It's understandable to have that opinion, it's hard to not feel the team has underachieved, yet at the same time, aside from Clemson and Alabama (equal talent) they've made the playoffs twice and those years they didn't, they won the Fiesa and Cotton (Both huge bowls). I know the national title is ultimate goal, but I lived through the Cooper years of losing to TUN almost every year. Plus, the numerous players drafted and #1 on the list of wins in BCS/NYD6 bowls at 9 is nothing to complain at. I guess it's all about perspective. Between Tressel and Meyer, the consistent success is something any college and athletic program would kill for.
Comment 02 Jan 2018
I'm in the Mason Rudolph camp. Big, accurate, has a swagger personality on the field. Con is playing in the Big 12 and after McCoy then Weeden then drafting the train wreck known as Manziel, I have reservations at the same time. Plus, it allows to draft Barkley and Kitzpatrick in the 1st round. Draft him to sit behind a vet QB.
Comment 01 Jan 2018

Five bold predictions...

1. Men's Basketball goes to the Sweet Sixteen.
2. Men's Lacrosse wins National Title
3. Joe Burrow wins starting QB position
4. Women's Rowing wins National Title
5. Michigan will continue to suck after Ohio State Football wins "The Game" again.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I am never one for conspiracy theories, but these refs from the SEC have been quite one-sided in this game, so far. Little $$$ in their pockets to get a Big Ten to lose.... or I'm just crazy.

Comment 13 Dec 2017

I would prefer the Browns to draft Rosen #1 overall, then go after Sutton, Ridley, or Ward with the second 1st round pick. Bryce Love, Ronald Jones, or Kerryon Johnson should be sitting there in the 2nd round. If they take a WR (Sutton, Kirk, or Ridley) in the 1st round, Jackson from Iowa in the 2nd round would be a great pick up in the secondary.

Comment 26 Nov 2017

If I'm a coach, whether head or assistance, I wouldn't touch the Tennessee job for a billion dollars. When your fanbase can railroad and whine like kids because the hire isn't Gruden (NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN) and people can spread false information on social media to affect influence into the process, something is terribly gone wrong with the whole program from leadership to the insane delusional fans.