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Comment 07 Dec 2019

I’m so sick of all of you fair weather assholes and your posts bashing our coaches and team first sign of trouble. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Let's be honest...Day is a great coach but not a "Big Name" that a Big Time Power 5 team needs to stay on top of the recruiting world. I know everyone will argue Lincoln Riley but it's still a fact. The other reality is that there's no one out there that won't be a step down from UFM and it WILL affect our recruiting results. We may be in for a year or two of a downslide until Day proves himself where EVERYONE will take notice and media will make a big deal about him. However, I'm thankful for the years we had Coach Meyer and wish him all of the best! We need to focus on being grateful and not on being "butthurt" lol.

Comment 29 Sep 2018

The only thing I don't like that we do on offense is when we run the read option, Haskins never pulls it. If that continues, it's an easy read. Every time we run it, the DE's are crashing because they don't respect he will pull it because it's very rare. It's been there more times than you realize so I hope we change it up a bit. So excited and optimistic about today's game! Go Bucks OH...

Comment 22 Aug 2018

Urban is beyond pissed! I love that he gave the president a big Fuck you and didn't thank him or appreciate him or the BOT in any way!

Glad his still our coach with all that being said.

Comment 09 May 2018

This will come back to bit us in the A$$ and not because I don't believe in Haskins but because I know if Joey ends up at a B1G team like the rumored Nebraska (no proof just a hunch) or an SEC team (Florida? Again, just a hunch) he will make them better immediately. With all that being said, I don't have any less faith in my Buckeyes I'm just disappointed because I was excited about him since I followed him his senior year in High School. I will cringe if/when we see him on the other side of the field not just because he will always be a Buckeye in my mind (unquestionable) but because he is one hell of a QB and one that will just get better and better with each snap of real game experience he gets. Best of Luck Joey and blessings to you in your future.

Comment 16 Apr 2018

It's not a manipulation in the least bit. A manipulation would be if you tell him that the job is his, he stays then you yank him before or immediately after. He gets what he has earned already in my opinion, the starting job and it's his to lose without a short leash but with a watchful eye obviously. He would get the same wherever he transferred wouldn't he? If he earns the starting job anywhere else and doesn't perform, he gets pulled. Give him the same chance here, that's what he wants and it's what he deserves. I'm simply pointing out the upside of what I believe is the right choice anyways. But hey, thanks for the DV for my logical opinion.

Comment 16 Apr 2018


From a strategic standpoint, you give Burrow the nod. Make it his job to lose and then he stays. Haskins won't transfer he would have to sit so I find it unlikely but hey who knows. Now Burrow has his fate in his own hands and if he falters, well, he has no one to blame but himself but at least we know Haskins is there if it doesn't work with JB. If Haskins is named the starter, 100% Burrow leaves immediately and plays against us some day and he's way too damn good to want to meet him down the road (Nebraska). All that being said, I have been a big Joe Burrow fan since I watched him play in High School on TB. He is surgical and can run when if and when he needs to run but is definitely pass first. I just think overall, Burrow is the best QB overall and I love Tate, he is the near future of OSU football but I really don't want to see haskins go down and Tate have to start...he's not ready as a passer and you will see the SAME offense that has driven Buckeye faithful insane for the past 3 years.


Comment 05 Jan 2018

Bold move cotton. Will he have to sit out a year or will he petition the NCAA for a waiver to get on the field this year?

Comment 04 Jan 2018

My daughter is 10 and refuses to wear maize (yellow to her) and blue together ever and whenever she sees anyone wearing a _ichigan shirt or hat she will yell out a hearty OH loud enough so that they will hear them! Muck Fichigan!

Comment 30 Dec 2017

Come on stop acting like I’m being an insulting asshat. I have an opinion and I shared it intelligently and logically and that is exactly what the comment section is for correct? If you want to get frustrated with idiotic comments go follow a live game thread...you’ll want to pull your hair out there if what I said bothered you Scarlet.

Comment 29 Dec 2017

I’m sorry but I have no respect for this decision. The “brotherhood” was this years theme and this is not a “brotherhood” type of move. Yes, it is a team game as some have said...and that’s exactly what disappoints me about his decision. With that being said...won’t matter in the outcome because this is THE Ohio Staye Buckeyes taking the field tonight! Let’s go Bucks!