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Comment 07 Nov 2017

Agree with multiple points above.  Now that we say we're going to run the ball with the RBs, don't you think MSU may be preparing for that?  James Franklin even said MSU makes you 1-dimensional by selling out to stop the run.  After JT's Iowa performance, wouldn't you stack the box and make him beat you with his arm????   Also agree with the reasoning behind Weber being moved to kick-off returns?? He doesn't make ANYBODY miss, and isn't all that quick.  Can think of several others on the roster more suited for the role.   Lastly, can the "best D-line in the country" maybe get some sacks this week?  That may help the LB & DB play a bit.  

Comment 04 Apr 2017

Although I completely trust coach, I don't like him saying "Freshman lineman shouldn't play".  I get what he means, and I know MJ played, but it seems deflating to me if you're Wyatt Davis or Josh Myers.  That said, good problem to have if you've got 5 Star recruits coming in that can't crack the 2-deep.  

Question - am I being a homer in thinking that we have soooooo much talent at each and every position, or is it just because this is the only team I follow this closely?  Just can't see how we can't compete this year, next year, and the year after for a National Championship.