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I am a long time lurker and first time poster.  In full disclosure, I am a Michigan alum and  watching all of this with a different perspective than most of you here.  However, I do consider myself a somewhat rational Michigan fan with a fairly objective outlook.  

Ultimately, the final word rests with the NCAA as to the the punishment you receive.  After going through our recent investigation, I can empathize with what you are feeling.  I just want to make one point in all of this:  Be thankful that you do not have a local media member in Columbus or Cleveland whose personal mission is to make The Vest's life a living hell and see him brought down.  Some of your local writers may not agree with what JT did, but at least you do not have people with their own personal vendetta against him who'll stop at nothing to see him run out of town.  Unfortunately, we had that at the Detroit Free Press. 

Thanks for letting me post here!