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Comment 28 Sep 2016

The CAP program is something all big time schools should do. I wish they would do it for all students, not just athletes (well, just a basic financial management class would do wonders). I know that when I was at OSU I helped to startup Scarlet & Grey Financial which was designed to provide financial advice to students which has gone on to do good things as well but you have to seek out their help.

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Malik Hooker is the reason I've bought into this team running the table. There was an interview with him posted on here a few weeks back in which he's talking about the defense and the offense of BGSU. What he said in this video about understanding what you do, you become the boss, is absolutely true. In that first video, he explained exactly what he was thinking and what he's seen on film and actually understood what he was saying. Most athletes you hear talk give you the old cliche crap but never really give you an answer because they just don't truly understand. Malik Hooker, and the rest of the secondary by extension, seem to have a full understanding of their roles on the defense and how the game of football is played and coached.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Here's my take on how they set the rankings - 1-4 is ok and obvious at this point. Iowa lost by 3 in a conference championship. They won the Big Ten West whether we like it or not, they should get the nod over us to play Stanford in the Rose Bowl. It actually worked out perfect in that sense - Big Ten vs Pac Ten and that's the way the committee ranked them. They put us 7 next to Notre Dame 8 because that we the next logical step.

I'm pretty sure the committee is setting up bowl games at this point.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

I turned on the Minnesota game after gleefully watching the fighting harbaughs look like Illinois football. Minnesota played a pretty good game and I think will be a good football team. They were moving the ball pretty well against TCU but had some breakdowns in execution a few times which cost them.