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Comment 07 Feb 2013

Scout still has us at #1. We just nudged out TUUN.

Football Recruiting Team Rankings

Rank School Commits Conference Points
1 Ohio State 24 Big Ten 5121
2 Michigan 27 Big Ten 5113
3 Alabama 25 SEC 4865
4 Notre Dame 24 Indep 4807
5 UCLA 26 Pac-12 4769
6 LSU 27 SEC 4465
6 Texas A&M 32 SEC 4465
8 Florida 29 SEC 4250
9 Georgia 32 SEC 4169
10 Mississippi 26 SEC 4092

Comment 07 Feb 2013

Alex, just admit that you were wrong about Ohio St pulling or delaying Townsend's scholarship and move on. Clearly, Meyer did not pull or delay Townsend. Townsend's father said that the offer from Ohio St wasn't pulled, Meyer said that no offers were pulled, and both of Townsend's parents are Florida alums. It's just a case of a kid wanting to say close to home. The class move on your part would be to apologize for accusing Ohio St of screwing with Townsend's offer because they signed all three of their late targets, but if you can't do that, you could at least stop trying to make yourself look better with comments like the one I'm replying to.

As far as whether Townsend would "officially" have received his scholarship yesterday, the limit for players in this class was 25. He could have been the 25th player yesterday, but he chose to drop TOSU at literally the last minute for Florida. I know that we were at 82 yesterday after the final fax was received, but NCAA rules state that a university does not have to be at or under it's scholorship limit until the beginning of camp. That's why Townsend would have received his "official" scholarship yesterday had he signed. Being at 83 would have been fine since the coaching staff is aware that another player currently under scholarship will leave before the NCAA deadline for being at the scholarship level arrives.