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Comment 15 Nov 2017

Never discount what a group laying a blank check in front of someone can do. Two critical parts of the decision, I think, for Tress will be #1: Does he need 40 million dollars at this point in his life.

#2: Is there a little minion inside of him relishing a chance to play Ohio State, beat them, and in his Senatorial way, smile, say nothing, and ride off into the sunset.

And no, I don't know the answer to either of those questions....but he would surely be walking into a dumpster fire. But on a separate note, he would surely be able to hold onto a lot of their recruits and lock down the borders in the future ala Tom Herman in Texas.  

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Mad Dog,

The exact same thing happenned to me. I was the highest paid Pharmacist in my district b/c I had worked in the Dayton area (where salaries were highest at the time) and moved home to Cincinnati at a time when it was hard to hire a Pharmacist b/c none were graduating. Long story short, when they finally could hire someone, all of us "old-timers" were the first ones they "found something wrong with" and let all of us go over the course of about 2 years for a variety of reasons. IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME!  I got a sharp, new suit, had a head hunter help me update my resume (very important to do that correctly!) and then called a few guys I had networked with over the years to let them know if they needed a GOOD pharmacist, one was available. It took one hiring manager about 2 hours to get ahold of me and I was working about one month later. Now I had to give up some vacation time, but everything else has been solid.

My advice...take the severence (6 months pay....SWEET!), have a professional help you with your resume and think about what YOU can bring to a team to help them WIN. Dude, it is just like recruiting in football...OSU might not need another linebacker...but if the #1 inside backer in the country wants in....Urbz will make room for him. You be that #1 go into that interview with all that experience in your field and you show a competitor (sp?) how you can help them win....there is not a company in the U.S.A. right now that has all the leaders they need....companies are starving for good leadership.

My guess is one year from now, you too will look back and realize those folks did you a favor...and tell the Mrs. to hang in there with you it will be O.K. If you go to church, go every day while you can and say some extra prayers for you and for those you know who are hurting...perspective never hurts, know what I mean? Best of Luck to you and always find a way.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I am thankful that OSU has fans that are not alumni of the school. First off, they expand the fan base, which can never hurt. Second, I realize everybody can not go to OSU and there are a myriad of great reasons for that, but that does not mean you can't be a fan. Third, it gives those of us who are alumni a different perspective, one from fans without "A dog in the hunt". These are all helpful in the long run.

Comment 02 Aug 2015

Welcome to the family Luke, it is great to have you in the fold. My son will graduate this May with his D.P.T. from  The University of Dayton and also did his undergrad in Exercise Science. Funny how getting his clock cleaned every friday night for three years led him to his choice of professions also. For what it's worth, I recently asked him if he had to do anything different during his college life, what would it be? He said he would not have allowed himself to get behind in his work so early in his course of studies (it cost him a year or so). Ahhhh, the wisdom of years. Don't worry, I stopped counting how much money it cost me for him to find that out, but the fact that he did gives me some hope for my grand-children if you know what I mean (ha ha). It's all good, the best investment we ever make is in our kids, I am sure your folks feel the same way. I hope you appreciate their sacrifices in your life. Best of luck to you, Luke, I will be cheering for you.   

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Thanks for the update 305 and the time put in to get this update your back Birm! (Just kidding)

Comment 08 Mar 2015

While it is not the end of the world, it is fair to say this is not Thad's best team. Timid underclassmen (Tate and Russell excepted) and upperclassmen who refuse to lead consistently (after 3 or 4 years in the program, sadly, I expect more). The facts are we have to shoot better but lack a John Diebler or William Buford. We need to play more aggressive defense but lack a true big man presence in the middle (Lauderdale or Oden) and surely we have no one like Aaron Craft. We need a field general but lack a David Lighty type of leader. Russell tries, but it does not appear the others want to follow (just my opinion from observations). I am not upset, just calling it like I see it. This team will win one game in the B1G tournament (maybe two) and maybe their first round game in the NCAA, but maybe not...and then if memory serves....SPRING FOOTBALL IS HERE. Sorry, but when you lose guys like Luke Kennard (for whatever reason), it will inhibit your ability to field a great team. That kid is John Diebler 2.0...too bad he is going to Duke, but he has to do what he feels is best for him and apparently we did not convince him that the best thing to do was stay home and get a world class education at a world class university (and I take nothing away from Duke...that is a tremendous university!) It is sad we can not sell that to kids from this area and keep them here and it is apparent that we can not...too bad. 

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Coach Bruce used to teach in his coaching class that he always told the kids he recruited there were 3 aspects of College...Athletic, Academic, and Social...every student at OSU had time for 2 of those. Think about that as a D-I athlete. You are going to play sports and you had better go to you can forget about having a social life.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

No way that's Cardales johnson...He has way bigger stones than that....and they're titanium.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Well, after watching last night's game against one of the poorer teams in the B1G, I have a couple of thoughts....

#1. There is no upper classmen leadership on this team. None. Natta. Shannon Scott is persona-non-grata, Sam Thompson can not shoot, which, after 4 years, tells me a little bit about the shooting coach (fair to say they miss Chris Jent), Amir Williams looks as lost as a child's 1st thoughts, and Mark Loving is slower than an ox. Somebody please light a fire under that kid (not to mention Amir). Loving does not rebound, he does not move w/o the ball on offense...they just stand around for the D'Angelo Russell show. I will promise you Aaron Craft, David Lighty, Jon Diebler, Jared Sullinger would never have put up with this kind of effort from team-mates, especially on defense!

#2. I would love to see Matta shake the line-up even more. Find 5 guys that want to play and play them. Tate certainly wants to play, let's see if Camryn Williams wants to play and Bates-Dip and let's go!!!!

Comment 19 Jan 2015

And a reminder to all to put RichRod on our christmas card list, as it was his ascension to the UM throne that brought the Boren's here in the first place. You think about it, at that time, that had to be a difficult pill for Mike Boren to swallow. But thank God he did, b/c the Buckeyes have been the better for it for the past seven years.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Dude....That is so Freakin awesome!!!!! Now, I am really fired up...Tell him he has a friend in the drug business in Cincinnati...Go Bucks!!

Comment 09 Jan 2015

The thing is...Oregon plays so just have to make the tackle and be ready to go for the next play right away. It would be fair to say the Buckeyes are not used to that hopefully they have practiced that b/c it can be tough if you are not accustomed to it. And we are the best team Oregon has seen for sure. Go Bucks.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Good to see you are back M Man, hope you had a nice Christmas season. I imagine Coach Harbaugh will be more than just watching the game, he will be scouting the game. Then, he will go home and (as most new coaches taking over a sloughful program would do) have horrible diarrhea for 3 days wondering how in the world is he ever going to beat a team like that with the guys he has now? Answer: He probably won't. But because he is a winner (sorry buckeye nation, just calling it like it is), he won't sulk too long...he will hit that recruiting trail hard and realize he has got to recruit faster kids. Then he will develop a culture at U of M of accountability, resposibility and passion maybe not seen since Bo's days. And the New 10 year war will be on....Man am I excited...hope you are too. Go Bucks.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

I think tere are two keys to beating Oregon, and they are similar to the keys Tress needed to beat them in the Rose Bowl

#1: The Defense has to be in excellent shape because of the hurry up that Oregon runs. You have to make the tackle and be prepared to line up and go...there can be an advantage to this...they do not hard count much...they just hike it and go which is great for guys like Bosa and Bennett.

#2: Do not play this game with your ego. When it is 4th and short (especially early), take the points as often as it is presented to you. Oregon goes for 2 after almost every touchdown and hardly ever kicks field goals. What are the odds that their kicker is mentally prepared to kick a late game, long field goal to tie or win the game. Late in the game, situations may require going for it on 4th. The point is "Be smarter and play smarter".

And Go Bucks!!!!!

Comment 22 Dec 2014


Have fun in the process...embrace it. Just keep in mind, a degree from The Ohio State University carries a ton of weight. We also have one of the largest Alumni Associations in the world, which can be helpful for that "40 year plan" you referred to.

As an alumnus of a large Jesuit high school a little south of you in Cincinnati and a graduate of Ohio State (couldn't go to Notre Dame...they did not have a Pharmacy School) I can assure you I made a good decision. My father was right (again) when he told me as a senior not to worry about making the right decision. "You make the decision...then YOU make it right...anything else is the tail wagging the dog and I didn't send you to St. X to be a follower."

Pretty good advice to a 17 year old kid who couldn't find his rear end with both hands. Think about it and best of luck to you.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

My Daddy used to say people cuss b/c they have nothing more intelligent to say...I rest my case!

Comment 01 Dec 2014

I have confidence in Cardale to manage this game, but it is fair to say the defense is really going to have to show up and deliver. That will give Cardale a little more confidence early, which he may need.

Comment 30 Nov 2014


Any thoughts on OSU talking with a few select Nebraska recruits (other than Jurkovic).

Thanks for the hotline assist and prayers to Kosta's family. As a Pharmacist, I see depression every day to varying degree's. Sometime's it's tough to get folks to see that tomorrow is another day. Sometimes the best you can do is just hang on. But I always promise my customer's, the sun is going to come out, and it will shine on you if you are there to see it, just hang in to me or someone else. Very sad.