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Comment 29 Jan 2020

Remember, Warren also had a great song on his album "Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School" entitled...."I'll Sleep when I'm Dead"...which goes to Ramzy's point. He should be in the Rock n Roll HOF,BTW....

Comment 02 Dec 2019

From now on....until the end of my days on earth....every time I think I got a good deal on something...only to realize 2 years later I got ripped off...the words "you got a Bagoochie" will ring in my ears and I will just feel better somehow....

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Dude....I fell out of my chair in my office laughing SO hard at this...STEVEN THREAT....that is rich!!!!!...Thanks for all the MGo updates...keep 'em coming... I lived through the 90's so like the Reese's commercial says..."Not Sorry!!".  

Comment 06 Oct 2019

If I were a senior in High School and one of the top RB's in the country, and I watched this offense operate, I would be leaping off my chair to commit to this program. 24 carries is'll learn how to block and be ready to play on Sunday...honestly, what's not to like. Plus, OSU has shown a propensity to use 2 RB's even if they have one "Bell Cow". I know for a fact that the coaches are always honest with the players, which is so important (not to just blow sunshine up their ass!). I'll say this...which ever RB watches this season...and just has a knot in his stomach b/c it makes him sick to think he won't be a part of this Class, and I do mean physically ill, THAT'S THE KID I WANT. He will wind up being an absolute Bull, and it will be fun to watch him play. So let's not worry about who says "No, Thanks", let's get WIRED about who is going to qualify to take the lone RB spot in this special class. Go Bucks...enjoy your week off men. And always remember (when you go home this weekend)...Don't be a Dumb-Ass!!! Cheers.  

Comment 29 Nov 2018

It must be extremely difficult to live in a place like Central Ohio and be one of the top players in the country. I can only imagine the pressure Zach must at least "be aware of" (if not "feel") as he knows so many are awaiting his decision. 

But I want Buck fans to think about something else. Remember when a kid named Rashan Gary committed to UM. He was going to be the "second coming" for them and really shore up their defense. And, to some extent, he did. He is a wonderful player, quick, good reflexes, smart....and (sorry Rashan) 0-3 against OSU. Now, that is a fact. Period. And while this may or may not give any recruit pause...the fact of the matter is one player is just that....he is one player. And while he may be an All-American, he only plays one spot on the field and one spot can not WIN you a football game...others have to step up for the TEAM to win.

I hope Zach goes where he feels most comfortable, I just hope no one on this site thinks that if he becomes a Buckeye that somehow the rotation of the Earth will reverse course and summer will become winter, etc, etc. He is one guy, and he will compete at one position to (hopefully) be part of a suffocating (Buckeye) defense. And Zach knows LJ, Urbz, Greg Schiano….he knows what he is getting here even if one or all of them leave...he is getting The Brotherhood...and there is truly nothing like it. The ultimate decision is his, I wish him well. 

Comment 29 Nov 2018

I would love to see a candid discussion between Day, Urbz, and Gene Smith where Ryan commits to OC and they develop a transition where Urban announces he is retiring from coaching at the end of "fill in the blank" year (prolly 2021) and they announce Day as "Head Coach in waiting."

It satisfies two issues...

#1: It helps with recruiting as coaches around the country can no longer use the unknown to negatively recruit against OSU, and recruits know who is the next coach and they know when the transition will occur.

#2: I think it Gives Urban some peace...there is an end...a finish line, if you will. And it changes the focus of Media conversations from controversy to one of reminiscing in that last way to beat him up on the way out (assuming he continues winning, and why would he not!)  

Comment 29 Nov 2018

Hey Everybody...sorry to put this here but I am technologically (i.e. starting a forum topic, and yes, I'm sure it is simple!) challenged and I need someone to answer a question for me. I was at the game on Saturday (with my binoculars, as always) and on Paris Campbell's 78 yard TD "run", I noticed Haskins release the ball forward to him....NOT hand it off. Here is the Question: Did Haskins get credit for a TD pass (which would have given Campbell 2 TD receptions) which would have been 6 TD passes (2-Olave, 1-Dixon, 1-Hill, 2-Campbell) and an extra 78 yds passing which would have put him very close to 400yds against TTUN.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Oh, and HELL YES we should be in front of Oklahoma...what a freaking joke.

Comment 04 Nov 2018

But in defense of the guys in there now...I have watched Browning and Hilliard and Jones when they are in the game...and they all get handled sometimes on inside runs and counters...wind up blocked out of position...and we are gashed for 20 yards or more. So the challenge becomes (as LJ said several weeks ago to the media) recognizing the offense...calling the defensive play and the DOING YOUR JOB....whatever that may be. It seems to me that too many on the defense are hedging their own job b/c they are waiting react if their brother doesn't do his job. That is no way to play defense. You have to play smart, under control but with a mean streak, and you have to be disciplined. Mostly, you just have to have a "toughness" about the way you approach your play on the defensive side of the ball. I also hope our DB's start playing tighter man to man may mean a PI or two during the game, but  I will take that over the soft 8 yds off coverage I have seen so much of over the past 5 weeks or so. One thing is for sure...ttun is getting better and they have run a gauntlet of good teams and basically owned all of them. We have to commit to improving defense and it starts this weekend in East HAS to...there can be no contingency plan...the real season starts NOW...Go Bucks!!!  

Comment 21 Oct 2018

Bringing in Martell in the red zone is something Meyer has done before...Chris Leak and Freshman Tim Tebow...and it worked. Leak was always the starter and it was not a diss on him that Tebow came in in close yardage situations....he was a stronger runner...but could throw the ball if needed and often did...which led to 2 NC's (and 1 Heisman) in 3 years...we could have that here but they need to practice this during the week (and what better time to have a week off to work on some new wrinkles) and then commit to putting it in during the game. Nebraska would be a perfect "practice game" for this (or "soft opening", if you prefer) because we WILL need a better run game in the red zone against MSU and UM and maybe against Purdue in the B1G championship game (don't laugh!!...this Purdue team has found themselves, much like PSU 2 years ago)

This season is not over by a long shot folks....lots of football left to be played. Now, that could be good or bad and I do believe it is 30% getting healthy, 30% committing to the Brotherhood (i.e. playing better and with more pride!) and 40% COACHING. This staff has got to commit to critiquing themselves and then preparing these kids better. It can be done, the season is not over, but everyone from Urbz on down has to take a long look in the mirror and decide how they want to write the story for the rest of this season. The O-line and the whole defense really need to have a "Come To Jesus" meeting and decide if they are going to call in the rest of the year or swallow their pride, be coachable, love the guy next to them as much as they say they do (because you can't tell me the talent is not there) and then GO PLAY...with a nasty streak that would make a mobster blush!!!

That is all...Go Bucks...get healthy....Love you guys....   

Comment 02 Sep 2018

I thought the linebacking corp was out of position on those two run plays early in the second half and both Werner and Browning got blocked pretty easily on those plays. We need to get that fixed as good teams will exploit that.

Comment 26 Aug 2018

I do think that weather OSU brings this out or not...some or all of it will come out in that trial in October. I am not an attorney but we have several on this site that could (and have on several posts) give some insight into how that litigation might play out. I know you JD's have only explained it 10 times but that stuff is difficult for those of us outside the legal field (and frankly, a little scared of it!) to put our heads around. I can not imagine in my worst nightmares my wife and I doing anything remotely close to this. 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I think it is fair to say that those who have it "in" for Urban are going to continue their onslaught come hell or high water. I, for one, am all for not listening to the "Committee called "they"", and just going out, coaching, and letting the chips fall where they may. It will take a strong fish to swim against that current and Urban has what it takes to do that. Only time will tell if he has enough desire to overcome all of the naysayers and let his winning do the talking. If I was Urban, I would be extremely careful of any interviews I did this coming season. 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

My only comment to that is...many of us are not Law enforcement officials or Attorneys and it is hard to know specifically what the next step should be. I'm not trying to defend "doing what is required" or using it as a cop-out...just that there are reasons why you leave this stuff to the pro's.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

The other thing I come to every time I think about that Urban and Gene FIRED ZS before all of this came out...not BECAUSE all of this came out. There was a straw (not mentioning the Civil Protection Order) that broke the camels back and the wheels began to turn to terminate ZS's employment...FWIW.