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Comment 04 Jan 2019

Best comp for me is simply a more athletic JTB.  He runs as hard as JT and scrambles well when the play breaks down.  Doesn't have the shake and bake of a Braxton Miller.  More of a north/south runner but with a good first step for his size.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

It is like QB contracts in the NFL.  The logic is you need a great coach to succeed in college but demand >>>> supply so you end up way overpaying for mediocre coaches most of the time.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

Height for a QB is kinda like height in the NBA.  The taller player is usually better if equal in skills.  But at some point if the smaller player is way more skilled then the height becomes less of a big deal.  Taller players have more margin for error so they have a better chance to succeed.  But the most skilled guys (Curry/Nash in NBA, Brees in NFL) can succeed regardless of height.  If Martell is a quick twitch genius on the field like he was touted, then height won't hold him back.

Comment 18 Dec 2018

The most important thing hasn't been pointed out as far as I can see.  If Fields transfers to OSU, we get to claim the 247 composite recruiting national title for 2018!!!

Add Fields to OSU and team score goes to 321.90

Take Fields off of UGA and team score drops to 318.07




Comment 29 Oct 2018

It seems like the numbers advantage is the main goal of Urban's offense, but if you zoom in rather than looking at the entire box, numbers where the ball actually ends up going is the only thing that matters for running the ball right?  Misdirection, pulling linemen, motion are all things that seem to fall out of the offense when things are going poorly.  It ends up being Urban stubbornly running tight zone into an extra tackler and getting stuffed over and over.

When we do use jet motion we also do not constrain the backside (normally would be the QB run) from what I've seen.  Play action or RPO off of jet motion and then attack the 1 on 1 with the WR or find the TE seems like the best solution to our scheme problems... but then of course guys need to actually block people.

Comment 29 Oct 2018

The point isn't that the upgrade would be felt at center, it is that Michael Jordan is a huge upgrade over Pridgeon at left guard.  We are being forced to turn an all big ten guard into a mediocre center.  If Jordan had switched in the spring like Price or Elflein he could be a very good center.

Comment 28 Aug 2018

There is plenty of precedent of the coaching staff making highly questionable roster decisions despite running an amazingly successful program.  Obviously the average fan isn't better at setting a depth chart but sometimes the wisdom of the crowd is better (see Pitt Brown vs. Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell or Michael Thomas redshirting in 2013).  But the idea that sight unseen hyped player X must be better than 3 other guys ahead of him is ridiculous.

Comment 03 May 2018

I hope this isn't a case where we think we have 9 starters but get to the actual games and realize we only have 3-4.  At center, going from Pat Elflein to Billy Price to "by committee" doesn't make me feel super confident.  I doubt they are all bad players but we may just have a bunch of pretty good guys and lack studs at key positions like LT and center.  Or maybe I'm wrong and we will have a future 1st round pick (see Denzel Ward as 3rd CB a couple years ago) on the bench.

Comment 29 Mar 2018

How many true centers have actually been that good in that time period?  Big drought after Shaq.  Best center by overall career in the NBA in the post-Shaq era could arguably be Dwight Howard who went straight from high school.  If Embiid stayed healthy that Kansas team would have been really tough to stop.  The fact that Oden was uncommon increases his value.

Comment 29 Mar 2018

The attention Oden drew inside also makes others better when he didn't even have the ball.  He had more offensive impact than his scoring/assists by drawing double teams and overall gravity, and domination of the glass.  In contrast Turner had gaudy assist numbers but were those setting up wide open threes or dunks?  Or just the fact that he had the ball literally all the time led to those crazy numbers?  Obviously a great college player and a one-man offensive team, but Oden was just another level.

Edit: Diebler might be getting short shrift too.  His 3 point gravity was a huge part in what made the Sullinger/Turner teams so good on offense.

Comment 29 Mar 2018

Despite Turner's great season, the answer is Oden by a country mile.  Complete game changer on both ends of the floor.  Turner could raise the floor of a team with his versatility and ability to create, but the ceiling is not as high as Oden.  There's a reason Oden over Durant happened.

Comment 13 Sep 2017

Clown show > Zone 6.  That is undeniable.  But this is not a simple problem to solve or it wouldn't still be broken.  Defensive coaches have studied Urban's offense for 12 years and Bud Foster was the first to completely dismantle it to its core weaknesses.  Since then, coaches have learned that Urban doesn't really know how to make you pay for putting 10 guys on the line of scrimmage.  JT is part of that problem with his inability to execute the offense as it is being called (late on throws, rolling out when he doesn't need to roll out).  But the main issue is scheme with Urban trying to beat the 10 man on LOS defenses with drop back passing rather than a holistic scheme of play action and RPOs that builds off of the running game (which still works even against those hyper-aggressive defenses!).  Run a slant off a run pass option and make 1 guy miss and it is a touchdown.  It doesn't have to be deep balls over the top, especially because the corners are lining up in press, but bailing at the snap.