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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Storming the field to bask in the mayhem after beating Michigan in 2002. "Let's party, Columbus!"
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Comment 01 Aug 2019

My first trip to the Horseshoe was against Fresno State in the 1994 opener. I was five and we had season tickets. I don’t remember a lot about that season. I’m sure I was more worried about everything else going on in the stadium except the action on the field.

It wasn’t until the Michigan game that year, my first, that I began to fall in love. In particular, storming the field with my dad following the 22-6 win was a wild experience for a five-year-old.

But the moment I really became hooked was the following year’s Notre Dame game. The pregame buzz around that game was amazing, and the game didn’t disappoint. I left The Shoe that day totally consumed with Buckeye football.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

It's been said above but I am often embarrassed by our fan base, for a multitude of reasons. It gets tiresome trying to make excuses for our fans when conversing with fans from other schools. One of the most embarrassing moments was when the Herbstreit stuff came out. The dude has never been anything less than a GREAT ambassador for the university, and I can guarantee nobody loves The Ohio State University any more than he does. He just so happens to be the most prominent voice in college football and, refreshingly, shoots it straight.

Also, I love Hang on Sloopy and would be sad if it ever went away. Thankfully, that's never going to happen.

The double Script Ohio at road games is a huge letdown and probably leads opposing fan bases to wonder why the hell it's even considered one of the best traditions in college football.

Refusing to say "Michigan" is personal preference, but those who rag on someone or correct them for referring to the school by name can shove it. 

Comment 26 Jul 2019

Haskins struggled considerably at Penn State when the offensive line couldn't keep him upright or allow him to get into secondary reads. Most quarterbacks will. But I do agree with you that it certainly helps when you have a quarterback with a strong arm and the confidence to get the football out quickly. 

Comment 26 Jul 2019

We didn't fly in. We made the drive and just chose to stay up there since it's a bit out of the way, and with Uber we wouldn't have to worry about driving. 

Regent Street is another party atmosphere on game day. It reminded me more of High Street in the good ole days. It tends to be more of a student crowd, but fun nevertheless. It also runs right next to Camp Randall, so the walk to the stadium is much easier than coming from State Street, which isn't awful but can be a little bit of a haul.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

I would suggest State Street Brats to someone like I would suggest someone visiting Columbus to take in the Varsity Club. One time to say you've been there and took in a popular campus tradition. Same with the Berkey Creamery in Happy Valley.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

Madison is a great town and an even better football environment. We found the gameday parking situation to be a nightmare, so we stayed just north of Madison, by the airport, and took a 15-minute Uber to downtown Madison on game day. As for game day, itself, State Street is the place to be. It's Lane Avenue with better food and drink options. And be sure to stop in State Street Brats. It will be packed but is a staple in Madison.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

This. Very much this. I think anyone who can look at it from the landscape of college football as a whole would agree that the sport is better when Michigan is in the thick of the title hunt year in and year out. Those around college football want it to be the case, and they also want to be able to say they called it when/if it happens. Keep saying it year after year and it's bound to happen eventually, right? Hopefully not, but odds are they're going to beat Ohio State and win the Big Ten at some point.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I think it’s a bit premature to put Yurcich in there. There’s certainly a lot to like, but let’s see it in a conference that plays defense first. I also believe it’s premature to disregard Josh Gattis. He is a really good receivers coach and has shown he can help lead prolific offenses.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I didn't mean that to be me projecting. He did play really well before the injury and I would be very confident in him starting at guard. Especially with us not really knowing what we have in Jonah Jackson. I still believe Jackson starts, but fall camp will ultimately determine that. As for the right tackle position, if all the raving about NPF and his quick feet are true, I have to believe he is going to top the two-deep at the position. But we shall see.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I'm not sure to what extent Holtmann kicked the tires, but Texas is hardly a big-time draw in terms of program allure alone. Although Shaka sure can recruit.  

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I agree with this, although I would wonder how Bowen would take it. "You're probably not going to start or see a lot of meaningful playing time, but here is a captain spot so you know we appreciate you." Not that being named a captain at Ohio State should ever be labeled as a consolation.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I can agree with you there, 100 percent. If the high number of three stars became the norm, along with lower level four stars being at the top of the class, that would absolutely be alarming. I feel strongly that won't be the case, but it's not impossible. 

As for the downvotes, I completely agree with you there as well. There are plenty on here who believe the downvote is for opinions they don't agree with. That's very unfortunate. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

OR...stick with me here...maybe you got those downvotes because you're complaining about what's shaping up to be another fantastic class that stacks up just fine to the precedent Urban set. You can expect better. I'm just not sure how it got into your head that Ohio State should be doing better than they are, which is, again, pretty damn good.

Also, I only downvote trolls and comments that violate the policy. So, none of those came from me. I would never downvote awful takes or opinions that I believe to be assinine. Every dubber has the right to state their opinion, within reason.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Yet, should Day ultimately land Bijan Robinson, Kourt Williams, and Lathan Ransom, this class will have a score of 299.87. That score would be higher than three of Urban's six true classes at Ohio State. If they were to get a commitment from Jaylan Knighton, that score jumps up to 303.11, which would be on par with that 2013 class that turned out to be decent.

So, either Ohio State never reached that elite tier that we're aspiring to in the first place, or this class fits in well with the recruiting standard Urban developed and the program is just fine. I'll choose to believe this class is one of the five best in the country for a reason and that it will help the Buckeyes to stay in the playoff hunt year after year.